Managing popular London restaurant brands with Jotform Enterprise

Managing popular London restaurant brands with Jotform Enterprise

Successfully managing a restaurant comes with many challenges. After purchasing a chain of steak restaurants in London’s West End in 2003, restaurant organization ATFC, Ltd. expanded and developed several new restaurant brands throughout London. In total, it now employs about 500 staff and serves 12,000 visitors from all over the world each week.

To continue growing and delivering the best possible customer service requires tremendous efficiency. Initially, the business processes were paper-based, which proved to be very messy and time-consuming; they also created a lot of unnecessary data input errors and missing paperwork.

The organization adopted Jotform Enterprise to streamline processes and eliminate the need to input data manually. Staff now uses the platform across the entire organization to centralize reporting and communications in one area.

We try to use Jotform Enterprise in every department. The efficacy to directly customize online forms with instant reporting complements our fast-paced environment.

Tuhina Rahman, Marketing Director, ATFC, Ltd.

Streamlining restaurant operations with Jotform Enterprise

To maintain their workforce and automate routine communications, the recruiting team created forms for job applications, trial shift management, and reviews. Management in human resources created a Jotform Enterprise approval workflow to streamline the hiring process further, offering jobs to successful candidates and rejecting unsuccessful ones.

Now, newly hired candidates are automatically directed to an onboarding process using the same workflow. The team also benefits from secure records for all legal paperwork and employment contracts, using digital forms and a local data residency center.

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While many of the business processes focus on aligning people and data, enabling brand autonomy and alignment is also critical. Using the white labeling options from Jotform Enterprise, staff can customize logos and create tailored experiences for all guests across every restaurant.

Managing the operations of just one restaurant can be daunting. Tracking hundreds of staff and catering for thousands of visitors is a huge job. To stay organized, the operations team uses Jotform Enterprise for timesheets, recording attendance at each site, tracking tips, and more.

Using the conditional logic feature for timesheets ensures hours are recorded to the correct department while the approval flows help manage and automate pay raises.

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Using Jotform Enterprise to track and manage health and safety records

Maintaining the health and safety of diners and staff is paramount for any restaurant business. To ensure best practices and keep track of any injuries, the organization uses Jotform Enterprise to report accidents and incidents, manage risk assessment training, maintain temperature control logs, and perform monthly audits.

The shift from paper to digital has provided new visibility and connectivity for managers who need to stay informed about daily operations and critical tasks. Using Jotform Tables, restaurant managers can track site inspections from their mobile phones. Being able to access information online and on the go is proving incredibly valuable to the team.

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Integrating existing systems and migrating data with Jotform Enterprise

The organization is also exploring new integration opportunities to expand how Jotform Enterprise plugs into administrative workflows. It started with a Dropbox integration and is planning a Sharepoint integration next.

The company is also looking to further streamline its staffing process by integrating Jotform Enterprise with two critical systems used to train, motivate, and schedule staff.

The first step, creating a staff signup form to populate the organization’s Motimate system, is already complete. The next step is to have data flow into Rotaready to connect the two systems and automate the data migration.

Across the board, this organization has embraced the shift to digital solutions to keep its data secure and teams connected. By leveraging the online forms, automation, and data management solutions of Jotform Enterprise, staff can focus on feeding hungry tourists and resident diners across the organization’s network of London restaurants.

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