Accept Recurring Donations

Process recurring donations for your nonprofit or charity with JotForm — you don’t have to pay any extra transaction fees! Create custom online payment forms and get paid via one of 14 secure payment gateways. Set up custom subscription periods, payment frequencies, and more.

Easily process recurring donations online with JotForm. You can customize your payment form to include subscription details and allow custom donation amounts — as well as set a custom first payment amount, trial period, and default donation option.

Add a recurring payment option

A one-off donation can be helpful, but recurring donations are what really keep a nonprofit running. Make it easier for donors to make multiple payments by adding a recurring payment option to your donation form.

Include subscription details

Give donors all the info they need. Include the name of your donation subscription package as well as the price, subscription period, number of payments, and an image for reference.

Allow custom donation amounts

Let donors customize their recurring donation by entering it manually or by referencing the Form Calculation widget. When this option is enabled, the Trial Period option is automatically disabled.

Set a custom first payment cost

Make the first donation amount larger than subsequent donation payments. This option is usually used for setup fees.

Set a trial period

Include a trial period option for your donors. You can customize your trial period to last up to a maximum of one year.

Set a default donation option

Add a default donation option to your recurring donation form. You can set the amount to whatever you think is best and the frequency to encourage recurring donations