How to add a form to your PrestaShop website

November 26, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve figured out an easy solution for you to add your forms to your PrestaShop with this guide so let’s get going!

Assuming that you are in your Prestashop backend, please do the following to embed your form:

1. Allow iFrame on HTML fields.

Go to your Administration Panel > Preferences > General > Allow iFrames on HTML Fields. Change it to “YES” and save it.

2. Now grab your form iFrame from your Embed Options. Here’s the guide: And do the following adjustments:

a. Remove the script part, highlighted with yellow below.

b. Adjust the height (highlighted with violet below) based on the actual height of the form, you may need to preview your Prestashop page to see the entire form. 

3. Create your CMS Page. Go to Preferences > CMS > Add new CMS page:

4. This a new page editor will load. Fill out the needed information. There are required fields in the editor. Now, click the “Tools” option and click “Source Codes“:

5. Enter the modified iframe codes in the Source Codes box and click Ok button:

You won’t see anything just yet other than the previous text you’ve entered into the page editor if anything, but there’s no need to worry about that part.

6. Finally, go ahead and click ” Save and Preview ” and you’re done! If you’ve done everything correctly it should now load a new page and look like this:

Additionally, There is an alternative method using an iFrame Wrapper Tool which is offered as a Prestashop add-on. However, be advised that this is not free and you must purchase the plugin to enable it for use in your store though it works just as well in the same aspect.

Questions? Please let us know in the comments box below!

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