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A Short History 

It was a dark and stormy day at the office. The year was 2006, and Aytekin Tank was working as a software consultant in New York City. He kept running into the same pain point at work. Coding online forms was such a time suck! Not only was it time-consuming to build online forms, but it was not the most enthralling of tasks.

Aytekin browsed online, trying to find an easier way to go about the task. He quickly realized that there was no great solution on the market to simplify the process. Web-based form builders were painful to use. You would add a question by going to an "Add Question" page. JotForm introduced the idea of building a web form on a WYSIWYG form editor using JavaScript drag and drop and AJAX. You can read more about how he came up with the first version on this blog post.

JotForm’s userbase was steadily increasing, and spreading the word about the product. Working during the day, and working on JotForm at night became unsustainable as a side project, and Aytekin decided to make the leap to working on JotForm full time. Building out the team slowly and deliberately, Aytekin decided to bootstrap his company. Now headquartered in San Francisco, JotForm has never received any outside funding and has experienced continued growth. We like keeping things independent, creative, and fun. Our team is global: we have other offices in Ankara and Izmir. Our 25+ strong support team works from various countries around the world. This allows us to deliver 24/7 customer support.

Today, JotForm has over 6 million users from over 192 countries. More than a thousand new users create accounts on JotForm every day. As a globally used tool, we’ve made JotForm available in over a dozen languages. Let’s walk down memory lane and take a look at the first version of JotForm, which was released in 2006:

JotForm 1.0

Here was an early growth chart.

JotForm First Ten Year

Here at JotForm, our mission is to make it easy for anyone to create online forms. We have a culture of listening to our users, and many new features have been prioritized and built due to user demand. We’re very excited about the future. If you love JotForm, please tell your friends and colleagues about us. Thank you for all of your support along our journey.

JotForm recognized in Online Form Builder based on user reviews

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
Contact JotForm Support: https://www.jotform.com/contact/

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  • Ashton Jozwiak

    I am trying to edit an application I submitted to Lone Star Aussie Rescue. The organization told me I should be able to edit through my email receipt I received after submitting but it’s not giving me the option. I did not have an account prior to submitting. I have one now hoping it would transfer data based on what I’ve read. That did not work. Can you please help me edit my submitted application?


    I have filed 2 abuse reports and have filed a complaint with the US Dept of Health and Human Services for HIPAA violation. Please advise.

  • silvana_ghinaglia

    Please I need a call back at 305-709-9823. I created a free form and added to it a widget to upload documents and I would like to publish it in my website. But I don't find how to indicate which email address should receive the data input on the form and the PDF documents that a visitor to the page could upload.

  • Brian McFarland

    Interested in potentially opening an account for our business. If someone could contact me about this that would be helpful.


  • Randy Whitten

    Could someone please reach out to me directly on opening an account up with you all.

    thank you, rwhitten@sambasafety.com

  • sheilagerding

    I need help but I feel like I need to talk to someone via phone....how can I do this?

  • Joe Jordan

    This form is a known Phishing scam and I submitted my personal data yesterday. I want my data deleted and confirmation this account is closed to whomever established this form. The FBI has a record of this and I would like to connect with a support person to confirm my data is deleted.


    I want to know the status of my Education Discount?

  • ZwenGrill

    How can I get the 50% discount as a first time customer

  • pnorwood571

    I would like to purchase the Silver JotForm services and have my credit card ready, but I would like the nonprofit status. I am a 501(c)3.

  • sportcourtcourt

    Is it possible to speak to a representative?

  • BWSMarketing

    We had two submissions today that we cannot upload? It is like the form is not active to click...

    Please help.


  • foreverpets

    Amazing team that you have - Not large, yet they are very responsive and often take pains to make sure that you understand every step.

  • crashcarpool

    Is there some form of chat available? I need to see how to change the amount charged to some subscribers.

  • Bill Marrocco MD

    Why can't I log in using Google like I have before?


    I was charged for creating an account $1. I would like to discontinue my services.

  • Dominique Cleveland

    My account has been suspicious and I don’t know why! Who can I talk too?

  • nina803

    Love JotForm! Thank you so much for a great product.

  • Lynn Herndon

    My JotForm app won’t open on my phone

  • Lynn Herndon

    My JotForm app won’t open on my phone

  • PamHightower

    I am trying to download all the submissions to a pdf and it is only downloading 25... What do I do to get them all????

  • Durk

    It says FREE forever
    Please explain
    Thank you

  • Kasumi Witty

    Please can someone urgently get back to us - despite paying , we have lost access to our accounts and subsequently all our forms. This is business critical and yet we have not had a response from you to assist.

  • ksimmonsmt

    Please help. Since I upgraded I have not received any of my submissions

  • Rahil

    The app is fantastic but i need help. I have created one form is it possible to duplicate the form bevause i dont see any option of that. Please help

  • James Rocha

    Hi, I just signed up today and started to create a form using a template you provided. when I go to login it says login-failed SUSPENDED. Please advise.

  • robspunkin13

    How do I take the year of birth off of my church directory form?

  • jbateman

    Im trying to get my account unsuspended and it won't even let me log in. I want Jotform to delete a field on a form that is causing the issue.

  • americanpiepizzas

    I would like to close my account. Please advise how to proceed.

  • Talogan

    I submitted a request more than an hour ago and still no help. The phone number at the bottom of my confirmation payment email is not in service. This is disappointing.

  • Newbury Vet Clinic

    We have been being charged for services we did not want or ask for. How do i speak to a person? How do you keep getting our CC#?

    Please Help!

  • Özlem Yesil


    Nous vous avons écrit ce lundi 30 septembre mais sans réponse de votre part.

    En effet, nous sommes une firme de Services conseils à Québec et nous aimerions que nos participants puissent passer leur Examen Black Belt sur une plate-forme qui soumet par la suite directement les résultats.

    Est-ce possible de le faire via votre plate-forme ? Je vous remercie de bien vouloir nous revenir dans les meilleurs délais et je reste à votre disposition à : ozlem.yesil@linovati.com sinon au 418-781-5611 - poste 3068.

    Dans cette attente, très cordialement,


  • Robert Wintner

    Pardon me, but I just don't get it. I'm looking for info on Next Chapter or nextchapter.com but get only linked to an oblique mirror universe on creating "forms." Can you send info in plain English on Next Chapter with a who, what, when, where, how and so on?

  • allyson Brown

    I am the Sr. Creative Director for ESSENCE Communications and we use JOTFORM for various forms internal and consumer facing for our marketing capabilities. Examples are, surveys/ job request forms etc.
    I'd love to set a meeting/call with an account manager or actual developer to discuss opportunities that can open up the parameters of what can be customized outside of the programmed build. We run into issues like image scaling, font library blocks and sizing. I can be contacted via email and look forward to your response.
    Allyson Brown

  • D9TM2018_19

    How can I speak to someone directly? Is there a good phone number to call? The number that I found on the web 858-550-7500 does not work.

  • Sylvia M Coulter

    I see a pending charge on my American Express account from Jot.com with no transaction contact information (company phone number or address).

    I did not / do not want a membership to Jot.com.

    Please cancel the charge immediately.

    Thank you,

  • hafidhyp

    Good information
    I want to share the link with the title why choose jotform on my website, please check below:

  • vpfinancefbi

    Please Help! I am in the middle of baseball signup for a 750+ player league and all of my forms with Adobe Sign are not working. I have submitted a request via the support forums along with screenshots of the error only to be told it was forwarded to the dev team and nothing more. As much as I like this site, I need this fixed ASAP. If I cannot get someone to get in touch with me regarding a time frame for a solution, how to I request a refund of our just purchased SILVER level membership. We cannot have these forms fail on the first 2 days and it is extremely inconvenient to not be able to call someone when something urgent and time sensitive is occurring. Email is fine for normal issues and questions, but horrible customer service for real problems.

    Please advise,


  • Najib

    lets's check through :

  • Najib

    wow so impressive history
    lets's check through

  • Heather

    No matter what hoops I jumped, and even as I used my email to communicate with support, my email was always rejected as being invalid.

    My email is NOT invalid.

    JotForm is invalid, and I will never use it. Ever.

    Let's see if it works this time, when I used CAPS in front.

  • nationwiderealty2018


  • Tammy

    Having a HUGE issue with my account being suspended and now my form that I filled out for help is going ignored. Please email me ASAP. I need this account up and running again. Tammy

  • philliesbridge

    What happened to your outstanding customer service? We used to be able to call or chat. Please bring this support back lest you lose customers.

  • Elaine Smith

    Good Day

    I recently received an email from a client indicating that he had completed our Supplier Questionnaire on 8 March.

    To date I have not received a notification so I attempted to login to your website but I am unable to do so. I keep receiving a message stating that either the user name or password is incorrect.
    I attempted to use the “Forget Password” option both yesterday and today but have not received the automated email either, which would allow me access that way.

    The last notification that I received was on 6 Feb 2019 and nothing since then. I am aware of at least 2 forms which should now be on the website and I really need the information urgently.

    It would be appreciated if you could look into the reasons why I can no longer
    1. access the site
    2. receive notification

    Another problem encountered is that I am unable to find a place on your website where I can send a query. If I go to "Contact Us" - I am directed to FAQ's which is not what I need.

    Quality Specialist

  • Everton Soares de Oliveira

    Prezados boa tarde.

    Estamos querendo usar o software em nossa instituição e gostaria de entender como funciona a questão do licenciamento.
    Pois como disse vamos utilizar dentro da nossa instituição.

  • Steve Tocker

    I just signed up today but, when I try to login get "Login failed - AUTOSUSPENDED". I tried the 'Contact JotForm Support' page but it requires me to log in!!!

    Not a great start to my Jot Form experience. Please advise.

  • CastingBCMP

    I've been trying for the last few hours to get my username changed. I received a response quickly asking if I was sure about the change. I responded that I was and am now waiting for four hours to either have it changed or have someone respond. Is there a telephone number I can call to speak to someone who can assist?

  • SaintsWebmaster

    i can't get help page to work. is there a way to phone you?

  • Terps0422

    Assistance on adding email addresses..