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How to Download Form Submissions as Excel/CSV/PDF

How to Download Form Submissions as Excel/CSV/PDF

When it comes to managing your form data, JotForm provides the quickest and easiest way to view submissions. And if you want to download form submissions as Excel, CSV, or PDF files, it’s pretty straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

1. Go to your My Forms page.

2. Select the form with the submissions you want to download.

3. Click the Submissions button in the top toolbar.

4. Click the Download All button on the top right side of the page.

5. Choose your file format to begin the download process.

For both CSV and Excel, the download will automatically start. For PDF, a zip file will be created and sent to your primary email address. You’ll get the following message after clicking the PDF option:

It may take some time for the ZIP file to be created based on the number of submissions in your form.

Did you know that we have a PDF Editor where you can change the default design of the PDF copy of your form submissions? Please visit the following links for more information:

You can also filter your submissions in JotForm Tables. If you have a large number of submissions, and you want to download them based on a date range, use the filter. Click on the filter (All time) and choose from the predefined list of options, or click on the Custom dates option.

You can select specific submissions from the list. The number of selected submissions will appear on the Download button. Click the button, and select your preferred file format to start the download.

Have respondents uploaded files to your form? Want to download these files? If so, please visit the following guide: How to Download the File Uploads.

How to download form submissions as Excel/CSV/PDF on the old submissions page

In the old submissions viewer, the CSV, Excel, and PDF icons are located at the top left side of the grid.

To filter the submissions, click the gear icon at the top right corner of the submissions page:

Similar to JotForm Tables, when you choose the Excel and CSV options on the old submissions page, the file will automatically download. However, the PDF download functions a little differently. After you click the PDF icon, the download is processed in the background, and you have to wait for the ZIP link to be generated.

First, you’ll see the following message:

The next popup will contain the download link:

It may take some time to create the PDF download based on the number of submissions to your form. 

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding JotForm Tables and viewing submissions, please reach out to us through the contact channels below.

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
Contact JotForm Support:

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  • mahsamoravej

    Dear Jot Forms support team, is there any way of downloading multiple files without zipping them into an archive?

    For example, I want to download 70 different forms, but I don't want them to be merged into 6-7 files. I want to keep the separated.

    Is it possible?


  • Abraham Thomas

    Within how many we have to complete the downloaded from and send to you

  • philagov

    We are not getting the option to download a specific file type. When we select "Download all" it downloads automatically as a .csv file. Why is this happening?

  • aross.acct

    When we download a submission, not all fields are downloaded. How do we fix this?

  • worldwearable

    I'm a new user to jotform and want to answer some quires with my expertise but I am not able to find the Comment or Reply button on Forum page. I am having expertise in File Formats of computer.

  • mrslydiaskitchen

    I'm a new user to jotform. When I download the PDF of my form submissions there is information missing. Only the "product" field submissions and customer names show, none of the additional fields populate. This makes the PDF pages useless for order fulfillment. How do I adjust what shows??

  • Franklin

    Where does data that is created by JotForm GE t stored
    Can I manipulate that data outside of JotForm in a programmatic way
    If I have to export it to say csv where is that data going
    Thanks franklin

  • YSH_it

    I tried this way many times. but full submissions are not downloading. Sometimes only 0mb is downloading sometimes only 24 submissions are downloading. Please rectify it.

  • smantasha20

    can i get the link to download pdf of my submitted form. to put on the web page. so that after clicking on submit button student will get pdf of the same?

  • radaytal

    can i only watch the responses as excel?
    i want to copy the response elsewhere, without downloading the file. is it possible?

  • Member_Services

    How do I change the naming convention of a form when I download individual entries.
    For instance, I would like to Include {First Name} {Last Name} - {Form Name} when downloading

  • shayonaorder


    Is there an option to download PDF from a password-protected public link? I have separate forms and looking to bookmark public links and download PDFs from it as needed.

    I see I can review results but can not download PDF from it.

  • Circomedia

    How do you download each form individually

  • Mary Richmond

    Hi, I'm a relatively new user of Jotform and I'm trying to create a PDF file for several people who have completed their form. When I click the download button it says I will get an email soon letting me know the zip file has been created. I haven't received the email yet. Also, where do I go within Jotform to retrieve the zip file so that I can download the zip file?

  • kim_bishop

    How do I get my radial button selections, fill in blank line and items ordered and paid through, via Paypal to download to excel. Those columns are there and all blank.
    Thank you,

  • ycosteraas

    Hi I created an order form and tested the form with 8 test submissions. I tested the report capability and found that report does not itemise the product selection, qty and the price. They are displayed all in one cell. How can this be solved?

  • Brian Crinion

    I am trying to download all the submissions of one of the groups into an Excel file. It will only give me the first 30 or so. I have tried switching between the pages and changing the date range but no difference.

    Thank you for the help.

  • danieltorreblanc

    good afternoon. how can I do that Offline? over smartphone

  • justin.tullo

    When downloading a form to PDF, is there a way to rename the file using data from the form spreedsheet? For example, if the form name is Patient Admission Information - Have the document renamed to Admission Information - Patient Name.



  • Jamie

    On the timestamps, can we see an actual submittal time or just date?

  • CEAExecutive

    It is not allowing me to take this list and just get the names of all the delegates in alpha order. It is a big mess of names. I have tried to follow the steps but it still gives them to me just as the screen shot I sent to you. I just want last names and first names in alpha on one vertical list

  • Ajay Sharma

    Is there any option customize design pdf downloads ?

  • childsmd

    My excel and CSV forms appear to be encrypted. The data looks like "dlfj4j5l46kljyklr4" as opposed to the actual input data.

    What can be done to correct this? I have a Silver plan.

  • Redwoodsprogram

    When the files download, they come through as titled numbers. We were hoping we could have them be titled as the Name submitted on the form. Very disappointing. Now have to go through a rename 200 pdfs......

  • maartendons

    A lot of information is missing when I download my submissions as pdf. How can I solve this please?

  • Schweder

    Do I have to have a paid subscription to Jotform to have an Excel download option? I don't see that under my forms as an option.

  • youngivyacademy

    There is a label (or a field name) next to a field which is supposed to be filled out. When we download it as a CSV file, these labels are supposed to become column headers. Can the label names be different from the underlying field names (which would have become columns in CSV)? I hope that I make my questions clear.

    You guys are great. Appreciated.

  • Trish Deane

    We'd like to fetch a list of submissions via the API. Is that possible?

  • Julie Graham

    These instructions don't work. Followed them to the letter and only the most recent entry gets included n the PDF report. Call Survey Monkey for help-- they've had a foolproof option for this function for a decade.

  • R1R1R1R1

    Is jotform which will all products online ok

  • RumahSejati

    Hi, there....
    I've shared a report's link to people who submit to my form. However, it seems that the report file (excel) can not be downloaded from android smartphone.
    However, ff the submitter fill the form using browser in PC and access the report link, the download can be performed perfectly.

    Do you have a solution for this issue ?

  • rmaker

    Can this download be set to automatically download and send this week's file to me? If not, that feature would be a great add.

  • windupbird

    Please help me. My subscription will end midnight today and the submissions that I can download is from December 6 to 13. I cannot view the submissions from November 15 - December 5. I paid for a month's subscription and jotform is only giving me a week's submission. I felt shortchanged. I paid for one month data and I'm only given a week's report. By midnight everything will return to zero submission and I cannot even access it tomorrow.

  • Froydis

    okay so now i have found the download PDF BUTTON however it downloads to an encrypted file with all the submissions in 1!!! very frustrating!

  • Froydis

    help i am able to view my submissions as PDFs but cant see how to download the files! any advice?

  • ridgefielddance

    I still can't batch print my 412 notes. Only one at a time comes up.
    Caroline Burns

  • lessman67

    I have downloaded my submission in the PDF format, and I get a message that I will receive an email notifying me when the ZIP FILE is ready. I have done this repeated times, over the last 7 hours. Is this option working yet?

  • Lighthouseman

    I've downloaded my submissions in PDF format but it is not in my Downloads folder so where is it please?

  • Aurko

    I want the data from a widget in separate columns. Right now, all the different answers are coming together in one column. Any way to get the data in the required format?

    Or alternately, is it possible to have the add function for a set of questions outside a grid?

  • artel

    Our form entries are delivered directly to dropbox as PDF. Any possibility to have the delivery also in the Excel form? Thanks.

  • Envyeyesandwax

    is there a way to download file in correct file folder save with client first and last name? instead of ID number?

  • ugafun

    i only see PDF

    Is it because i have free version?

  • nemontessori

    I used to be able to do a download of single submissions as a pdf, then recently the same process leads to a zip folder being downloaded of multiple copies of the same submission, or of an earlier submission and not the one that I had selected......frustrating

  • Dth92210

    This export does not sort my data into columns for multiple registrants. For example, all cell phone numbers do are not listed in one columns. Instead they are spread out in a column for each entry. For 15 registrants, with three pieces of information that is 45 columns with one piece of information in each. Is there a work around that it will sort into three columns?

  • alexisoberreit

    I've used JotForm for a few years with no problems, mainly to take in inscriptions for a summer music workshop with about 70 participants. This year we have 68 submissions but there's a problem with the Excel download. If I click on the "download" button it downloads ok (the download appears bottom left on my screen) but when I open the download only the Excel app opens, without any document. Tried several times without success.

  • uinnovate

    Can you download multiple submissions in PDF from one form but all with one download click? So instead of getting one pdf with 10 submissions, download the 10 submissions separately but with one click instead of one by one (which when you have +300 responses it gets quite time consuming)

  • dbanks8

    my jot form is only downloading one submission at a time even though I have selected all 9 submissions. I need it to download all 9 submissions each on a separate page in one file

  • artisanseo

    Where do the downloaded spreadsheets go?
    No options and don't know what the filename is so difficult to find on a large crowded drive.


  • dmayxl

    Thank you. I figured this out after I sent the email. But appreciated your quick respond. Thank you.

  • cantrade

    I have four active forms and about 8-10 submissions for them. I need an explanation about the 5000 per queue topic. Even if you have stored every submission for every form I have ever made it would not reach 5000 I think.