How to Change the App Layout

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In Jotform App Builder, you can find the App Layouts tab, where you can choose from a few premade layouts and apply it to your App. Each of the layouts has a different style, and based on that, the icon, size, shrink mode, alignment of the app header are updated automatically.

On the top right part of the App Builder, click the Paint Roller icon to open the App Designer tab.

Jotform Apps - Open App Designer

Go to the App Layouts tab, find your preferred layout style, and click the Use Layout button to apply. You’re done after that.

Jotform Apps - Apply App Layout

Not that applying App Layout will automatically override your custom layout in App Builder. Suppose you wish to undo the action, press CTRL + Z if you’re on Windows or Command-Z on MAC. If, however, that won’t work, apply the Default layout to reset back the layout to its original.

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