How to Send an Approval Report in Jotform Approvals

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In Jotform Approvals, you can generate a report of an ongoing or completed approval process and send it to your email or to a recipient. This can be done using the Approval Report element.

Setting Up the Approval Report Element

Here’s how you can send an approval report in Jotform Approvals:

  1. Add an Approval Report element to your approval flow.
  1. Click the Approval Report element’s gear icon to open its properties panel.
  2. Enter the email in the Recipient Email Address field.

You can also click Form Fields above the Recipient Email Address field and select one of your form’s Email elements as the recipient email.


Click Settings and Edit to customize the PDF and email report respectively.


And you’re done. The system automatically saves the changes.

When an Approval Report element gets triggered in your approval flow, the recipient will receive an email of the PDF and email report.

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