How to Set up the Send Approval Report Element

June 7, 2022

When the approval process ends, you normally want to get a report of the whole approval process. While this is possible with enabling the PDF Attachment through the Send Email element, it is not identifiable this way. We made it easier to attach the PDF report through the Send Approval Report element.

From the Elements tab, drag and drop Send Approval Report to your approval flow builder. For example, you wish to send the report once the approver chose Approve.

In the Send Approval Report properties, you can find the default PDF. Check the report you wish to send (figure 1), and that’s it. You can Enable the PDF Password (figure 2), Add Recipients in it (figure 3), and Customize the Approval Report Email (figure 4).

If you have imported a custom PDF through our Smart PDF Forms builder, you can also attach the original uploaded PDF document instead of the default.

The Customize Approval Report Email can be edited. Its options are all similar to the Send Email element, so if you wish to know the details, kindly visit the following user guide: How to Set up a Send Email Element in Jotform Approvals.

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