Understanding Group Approval Completion Rules

February 15, 2024

When you build an approval workflow with Group Approvals, there are different conditions you should be aware of. But first let’s check out how to set up a group approval rule: 

Create your approval and add your approvers, then click the gear next to the approval tile to go to Approval Settings and select a Completion Rule.

Understanding Group Approval Completion Rules Image-1

There’s a few different rules to choose from, so let’s break them down: 

  • Require response from majority – This means the workflow will proceed based on the majority response. In this workflow, the majority is two-thirds of the responders. If there is a tie, the tie-breaker will be the first response that makes the majority. So if you have two deniers and two approvers, and the next person to answer selects deny, the approval would be denied.
  • Require response from all – You need all approvers to answer before moving forward with the workflow. In the event of a tie, the first response with the majority will win. 
  • Require response from one person – You only need a response from one person to move forward. The approval or denial will depend on whoever answers first. 
  • Require certain number of responses – The workflow will only move forward when a predetermined number of people approve or deny. 

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