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Experience the fastest form creation tool there is with Jotform. Our intuitive drag-and-drop form builder lets you create custom forms in minutes — without any coding knowledge. Access 10,000+ ready-made templates for any of your form needs, whether you’re gathering data, engaging consumers, or optimizing operations. Our fast forms get you started quickly so you can meet your goals.


Explore Fast Form Templates

Struggling for ideas? Choose one of Jotform’s ready-made templates and customize it with our drag-and-drop form builder in just a few minutes.

Formulir Pendaftaran Pelanggan Baru

Template new-customer-registration-form-private-401
Template new-customer-registration-form-private-401

Formulir Umpan Balik

Template feedback-form-private-137
Template feedback-form-private-137

Formulir Kontak Pertanyaan Umum

Template general-inquiry-contact-form-private-35
Template general-inquiry-contact-form-private-35


Intuitive drag-and-drop form builder

With Jotform, you don’t have to know how to code to build the perfect forms. Just drag and drop to add, rearrange, and customize hundreds of forms fields, useful widgets, and integrations. You can use conditional logic, accept payments, generate reports, and so much more.

Easy to customize to your needs

You can personalize your forms to perfectly align with your brand identity. Upload images and videos, add your logos, and use productivity features like Jotform Sign and Store Builder. Plus, you can customize fonts and colors or choose one of our premade themes.

Share and embed in seconds

When you’re finished customizing your fast form, we’ll generate a custom URL that you can share with your audience. Send out your form via email, link to it in your social media bios, share a QR code, or embed it directly into your website to make the form-filling experience easier and quicker than ever.

Lacak dan kelola tanggapan

Effortlessly track and manage submissions right from your Jotform account. You can instantly access submissions from any device and organize them using Jotform Tables. Plus, automate your tasks by converting submissions into PDFs or establishing approval workflows with Jotform Approvals.

Build beautiful, custom apps

Dengan pembangun aplikasi tanpa kode kami, Anda dapat mengubah formulir online menjadi aplikasi yang menarik secara visual. Tambahkan toko online untuk bisnis Anda, buat portal perusahaan, atau bagikan beberapa formulir dalam satu aplikasi untuk memberikan akses yang lebih mudah kepada pengguna Anda. Aplikasi Jotform berjalan dengan lancar di ponsel cerdas, tablet, atau desktop apa pun


Apa yang dikatakan pengguna kami tentang Jotform

Jotform telah menjadi solusi cepat dan fleksibel bagi kami. Kami menggunakan Jotform untuk membantu kami dalam pendaftaran, formulir akuntansi, laporan insiden, formulir karyawan, dan banyak lagi. Yang saya sukai adalah saya dapat beralih dari tahap ide ke pembuatan, iterasi, dan pengujian hanya dalam hitungan menit. Logika kondisional Jotform dan beragam elemen formulir membuat pembuatan formulir kompleks menjadi sangat mudah dilakukan.

Brad McCaini, CFO,

Learn how to create forms with Jotform

Temukan cara membangun formulir online yang lebih cepat dan efisien menggunakan Jotform dalam tutorial singkat ini.


Pertanyaan Umum

Semua pertanyaan Anda tentang Jotform — dijawab. Lihat FAQ kami untuk jawaban atas pertanyaan umum, atau hubungi tim dukungan kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

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What are fast forms?

Fast forms are pretty self-explanatory: They’re forms that you can build quickly and that your audience can fill out quickly! Jotform’s software is designed to make the form-building process as easy and fast as possible for you, so you won’t have to spend hours coding just to make a short form. Similarly, we aim to make our forms as intuitive as possible, so everyone can fill out an online form in a matter of minutes.

How do I make my own form?

It’s easy to get started making your own form with Jotform. Simply sign up for one of our plans — ranging from a free Starter plan to a variety of paid plans — and use our drag-and-drop form builder to start creating forms. You can customize your form by adjusting fonts and colors, adding logos, uploading images and videos, and much more. When you’re done, share the form via email, link, QR code, or by embedding it in your website or social media platforms. You can complete the process in mere minutes — it’s that easy!

How do I embed forms in an email or website?

You can embed forms in an email or website with Jotform’s custom embed feature. Just copy and paste your form’s embed code into your site builder, email, or other third-party platform. Options include JavaScript, source code, iFrame, popups, plug-ins, and much more!

Is there any fast way to manage and analyze form data?

Yes — with Jotform Tables, you can track, manage, and analyze your form submission data in an all-in-one workspace. You’ll have the flexibility to sync responses from connected forms, import data, or enter data manually. You can also request and share submission edits, search and filter your data, add formulas and calculations, send data to other platforms, automatically create PDFs, and more. Jotform Tables makes it a breeze to collaborate with teammates for data collection, organization, and management.