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Create PDFs of form submissions to store in OneDrive

Generate PDFs directly from your Jotform submissions and store them seamlessly in OneDrive for easy access. Elevate your document management with our convenient OneDrive integration.

Integrate with OneDrive

Create PDFs of submissions and send them to OneDrive

Instantly create PDFs from your Jotform form submissions and store them automatically in OneDrive. Eliminate the hassle of manually creating and transferring documents with this helpful integration.

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New Submission

A user submits a new form response


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Turn submission into PDFs

Automatically turn the submission into a PDF and send it to OneDrive

Integrate with OneDrive

Jotform + OneDrive

Watch this quick tutorial video to learn how you can integrate your online forms with OneDrive

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Learn more about Jotform + OneDrive Integration

How to Integrate Forms with OneDrive

Learn more about the OneDrive integration before you set it up for yourself.

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Send file attachments from Jotform submissions straight to OneDrive

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Create folders in OneDrive with Jotform submissions