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Register a participant for a webinar with Jotform submissions

Register participants for your webinars with Jotform’s Zoom integration. Automatically add participants to a webinar when they submit a form response. Collect registrations and manage your attendee list with ease.

Integrate with Zoom

Register participants for webinars with Jotform's Zoom integration

Automatically register participants for a Zoom webinar when they submit a response to a form.

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When this happens...

New Submission

A user submits a new form response


Do this!

Register Participant

A new webinar registrant will be added in Zoom

Integrate with Zoom

Jotform + Zoom

Watch this quick tutorial video to learn how to integrate your online forms with Zoom.

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Learn more about Jotform + Zoom Integration

How to Integrate Forms with Zoom

Read more about Jotform’s Zoom integration before you set it up for yourself.

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