Using DocuSign in your HR department

Human resources departments aren’t usually known for being light on documentation. Whether it’s hiring, performance reviews, benefits enrollment, or another employment-related matter, most HR processes tend to require an abundance of formal documentation.

Previously, the only way to manage these documents and get them signed was by taking the manual route, but now human resources departments can use electronic signature software like DocuSign to automate the signature process.

In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of using DocuSign for HR, some common use cases, and an electronic signature software alternative that may work better for you.

Benefits of using DocuSign for HR

One of the key benefits of DocuSign (and similar solutions) is that it makes for a smooth and easy signing experience. And compared to the alternative method — printing, mailing, signing, and scanning a document — it’s also much faster.

“It saves the need to fax or email documents the traditional, old-school way,” says Melissa Eboli, business owner and operator of Via’s Kitchen. “People also get back to me quickly when I use DocuSign because they don’t have to create an account. They can just sign the document as a guest, so that really helps with the instantaneous access.”

DocuSign also enables HR departments to automate the management of important documents. Users can see where each document is in the signing process, identify any bottlenecks, and send a reminder if necessary.

Human resources use cases for DocuSign

DocuSign is a useful tool for nearly all HR functions, from hiring to policymaking. “I use DocuSign for hiring contractors. In my business, I need bussers, servers, and sous chefs, so I use it for their contracts and onboarding,” says Eboli. “I also use it for signing client contracts.”

Here are a few other examples of use cases:

  • Hiring new employees: Employment contracts, NDAs, background checks, and other documents often require signatures. Using electronic versions of these documents with e-signatures can shave days or even weeks off the hiring process and get talent started faster.
  • Onboarding and training: HR teams can ensure employees have reviewed the necessary onboarding and training paperwork by tracking it through DocuSign and requiring electronic signatures at the end of each module.
  • Day-to-day operations: From policy updates to performance evaluations, HR teams can send important information via DocuSign rather than email, requiring signatures when employees have completed their review of the documents.
  • Multistep workflows: Some HR processes, such as requesting time off, often get delayed because they involve multiple steps and people. DocuSign can send automated reminders to signers to keep the process moving.
  • Offboarding: HR teams can use DocuSign during the employee termination process to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible, including getting all necessary signatures on documentation in a timely manner and keeping those documents organized so they’re easy to reference later on.

Eboli offers a few tips for ensuring success with DocuSign: “I let people know that sometimes the DocuSign email can land in their junk or spam folder, so they should check that if they don’t see the contract in their inbox.”

Another tip is to be mindful of the document format you upload to DocuSign and check that the upload matches your original document in its entirety. Eboli has noticed that it tends to upload Word or PDF documents much more easily than Excel documents, which sometimes get cut off.

Jotform Sign: A leading alternative to DocuSign for HR departments

DocuSign is an excellent option for HR teams, but it isn’t your only option.

Jotform Sign is an equally powerful electronic signature solution that comes with many human resources templates, including confidentiality agreements, remote work policy updates, employment verification letters, and more.

You can fully customize each template using the simple drag-and-drop builder and send your documents to recipients. Employees can sign documents using any device — desktop or mobile. And with Jotform Sign, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your documents — Jotform keeps everything secure.

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From recruiting to retirement, Jotform Sign can support the entire employee life cycle for human resources teams. Get started with an HR template today.


Photo by Annika Wischnewsky on Unsplash

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