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Fillable PDF Form Creator

FormsCentral is Retired!

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Make the switch to JotForm.

Adobe FormsCentral has just announced its closure.

We have built migration tools to let you easily import your Adobe FormCentral forms and your response database to a JotForm account.

The last day FormsCentral forms will work is June 22, 2015. Its data will be downloadable until it's fully retired on July 28, 2015.

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Export to PDF

JotForm’s new Fillable PDF Form Creator makes PDF forms instantly, which users can fill out and submit.

Embed anywhere

Easily embed your form anywhere on the web.

Integrate with any app

More than 100 pre-built app integrations. Power your forms with PayPal, SalesForce, Dropbox etc.

Add sub-users

Encourage collaboration by sharing your forms and data with sub-users.

Thousands of Templates

Get started by choosing from over 7,500 form templates; or start from scratch using the easiest drag-and-drop form builder and watch your form come to life before your eyes.

JotForm has over 400 form field widgets to build the exact form your organization needs!

See all templates

Stylish Form Themes

Want your form to have a professional look and feel? JotForm offers over 200 user-created form themes, made with our newly released Form Designer.

Smoking hot new themes are added daily. Theme Store is the perfect solution when you want a beautifully designed form but don’t have time to design it yourself.

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Q: There are many Adobe FormsCentral Alternatives. What makes JotForm the best?

There are traditional form builders, and then there’s JotForm. No company on the planet is more committed to innovation in form building quite like us. We’ve been dubbed by Entrepreneur Magazine as having the easiest form builder, and we’re dedicated to addressing user concerns with ground-breaking features that solve real-world problems.

Q: What are JotForm’s key features?

A: JotForm is a long time innovator in online form building. It was the first WYSIWYG online form builder, founded in 2006. Today it has more than 7,500 form templates to choose from, upwards of 380 form widgets to add specialized fields to one’s forms, 100+ app integrations to connect one’s form responses to other services such as PayPal, Dropbox, and SalesForce, a recently released Form Designer to style one’s forms, and hundreds of ready made themes in its Theme Store. Charts, Reports, and PDFs are just a few more features its 1.5 million users have come to enjoy.

Q: Switching to a new online form builder sounds so difficult. Is there any way to make it easier?

A: Yes! JotForm’s Import Wizard takes care of everything. All that’s needed is your Adobe FormsCentral login info, and our migration tool will automatically import all forms and all response data to our system. JotForm prides itself on being on the forefront of easy. We like to go out of our way for our customers, and this is just one example of that.

Q: That sounds too easy. How long does this process take?

A: It takes just seconds to start the process. In many cases the migration will finish within a minute. Due to a large initial influx of migration requests, imports can take up to an hour. Our system queues each request and runs them sequentially. Just sit back, and revel in the fact that no effort is required on your part. You will be notified by email once it’s complete.

Q: Is this process safe and secure?

A: Yes. We do request your Adobe FormsCentral password, but we do not store it anywhere in our system. As a general safety precaution, you may choose to change your password to something different, kick off the process, then change it back once complete. Be sure not to change it while our system is still running though, or it may cause it to stop midway.

Q: Once my forms are imported, how do I embed them in my website?

A: Instructions on finding embed codes can be found here. All form builders are different, and we encourage you to create some test forms and learn our system. Due to our broad feature set, we expect you’ll find options you never considered using, but would enjoy.

Q: How much does JotForm cost?

A: Most user enjoy JotForm’s service for free. All its features and limitless forms are available to all users. You receive up to 100 form responses a month for free. For those who receive more responses, they can sign up for a paid account. You can even process up to 10 payment transactions a month, or 10 secure (SSL) responses, all on our free accounts. Pricing details can be found here.

Q: Can you tell me about JotForm’s commitment to form building and its customers?

A: JotForm’s commitment to online form building has outlasted many competitors. We’ve been ahead of the form building pack since 2006 and our business is growing. Our engineers are continually releasing new products and our 40 person staff is committed to ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted service. We welcome the opportunity to be your FormsCentral replacement and provide you the same best-of-class service we always have.

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