Can JF's collect the forms and put into a database of some sort?

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    Garett Chipman 
    Asked on December 07, 2016 at 05:33 PM

    Have a scenario where technicians in the field have to fill out forms for inspection. When they come back, can the forms be populated into a database or searchable solution for results?


    Thank you.



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    Answered on December 07, 2016 at 09:20 PM

    Hey Garett, the answer to your question highly depends on what your end goal would be. Since you never provided more info on what you're trying to achieve, I'll just list down some scenarios:

    1. Can the forms be populated into a database...

    That depends, what is your database? If you're using MySQL then we have a very detailed guide on how this can be done using PHP.

    Complete guide: How-to-send-Submissions-to-Your-MySQL-Database-Using-PHP 

    2. ...or searchable solution for results

    If all you need is a way to search through your Submission Data, then we already provide that. Just go to your Submissions Page, and use the search textbox at the bottom.

    Related guide: How-to-View-Form-Submissions 

    But if you need someone else (not you, as the form/account owner) to search through submissions, then you may use the Grid Listing Report to present your Submission Data. Here's an example:

    Complete guide: How-to-Create-a-Grid-Listing-Report