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How to View Form Submissions

How to View Form Submissions

Your form has been getting lots of responses, and you need a central place to manage all the submissions (view, edit, print, flag, delete, download as Excel and CSV files, among many other features).

To view all of your form submissions, do the following:

  1. Go to the My Forms page and select the form with the submissions you want to view.
  2. Click the Submissions button in the top toolbar.
    My Forms - Submissions button
    My Forms - Submissions button
  3. You’ll be redirected to JotForm Tables, where the submissions are listed.
    JotForm Tables
    JotForm Tables

Most of the tools mentioned in this guide are available when you click the three vertical dots icon to the left of each submission.

Tables - More Options

Tables - More Options

To print a printable version of the submission, click the View Entry option and then click the Print button.

View Entry - Print

View Entry - Print

Clicking the More button in the single submission viewer will also reveal these tools (i.e., Reply, Forward, and Star).

This overview hardly covers the feature-rich submissions administration panel. Click on this link to view the reporting features in detail.

How to View Form Submissions on the Old Submissions Page

If you’re using the old submissions page, the details are labeled in the following image:

Old Submissions Page

If you are curious about what else you can do with your submissions, don't forget to check the following guide: Manage your Form Submissions.

Old Submissions Page

Tell us about your experience managing your submissions in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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  • glynnhammond

    How do I print a report that shows what I have in my table? I have selected the columns I want to show and simply need to select the entries and print a schedule. I am using the system for a payment approval process.
    I also need to show the "Approved by". As these are payments, the next person in the process needs to see various details and the fact the payment has been approved.
    I can print a pdf which is great, but again it does not show the approval stamp.

  • cdsmath5

    Today not all of the submissions from my form are going into my Google Sheets. I don't know enough about tech to even know where to begin to look to try and figure out what is wrong.
    I signed out of Google and back in hoping that would help, but it didn't.
    I don't know what to do. I don't know why it stopped during the day.
    Any simple help would be greatly appreciated.
    Laura Terry

  • Jennifer_Demaline

    Hello, are form submissions emailed to me? I do not want to receive the completed form via email, I would like the capability to receive a notification email that a form has been submitted and then log into my JotForm account to download the PDF of the completed form. Is that how it works?

  • Tyddyn_Isaf

    Is it possible to obtain anonymous data from your forms. We are creating a survey but to get honest responses the responders must feel happy that we won't know who they are

  • VIjay Ingle

    In JotFrom, if the user fills out half the form and after a while, he opens the same link and fills out the form, how many views will be counted in the 1000 views found in free JotFrom if that user sees the form twice?

  • LeslieCGT

    For some reason, all of the fields in our submissions view are out of order (i.e., not in the order they appear in the form). Is there a way to restore the order without manually moving the fields one by one? This happened about 3 months ago and I manually reordered the fields. It was fine for a while (matched the forms) and just recently, the submission view fields are all jumbled again.

  • jsageday

    Submissions from form on website not downloaded to Jotbox or Google despite successful integration.

  • jsageday

    Website form is not downloading submissions

  • sdcabbasiya

    How can I download the photographs submitted for each submission separately as same file type ie. jpg

  • witiweb


    The "old submission page" shown directly above, worked very well for how we use the site.

    I am struggling to make tables work for us.

    Is there any way to still access the old version or has it been phased out completely?


  • NEcAP

    For a few days now, the forms are no longer automatically transferred to our email
    Can you see the source of the problem please.

  • Aracely Rosales

    How do you download images in the new table view? It only allows download as pdf.

  • ripplecollectivenz

    Hi there, for some reason, all of the fields in our submissions view are out of order (i.e., not in the order they appear in the form). Is there a way to restore the order without manually moving the fields one by one?

  • wcdda

    Is there an initial step that must be taken for their email to be recorded? Do we have to provide a place on the form for them to input it, or will it automatically collect the email address before completing the form?

  • Williamka

    For a few days now, the forms are no longer automatically transferred to our email, and sometimes they disappear.
    Can you see the source of the problem please.

  • Michellewalley

    is there a way for me and those that I am collaborating with to see the responses from the form, or only me as the creator?

  • Siobhan Unwin


    I’m trying to access the responses to my form

    I’m not getting any link to reset my password when I request it. I’m concerned I won’t be able to access the results. Can you advise how to access responses? The email provided in the form is the same one provided here.

    Kind Regards,

  • ValPCL

    Is there a way to select several submissions and then delete or only one at a time?

  • biglay

    Thank you so much for sending me this information. Have a fabulous day.

  • jsimpson1024

    I'd like my clients to be able to easily access their completed forms via hyperlink. Is this a feature that is available?


  • shelach

    Facebook says I have 11 completed registrations but it shows zero submissions in my jotform. What could be the cause?

  • cjadeltas1975

    In the grid view, What is the leftmost item "N..." can't see it or expand the field. Can't see it in the screen shot you have either.

  • sarafrelich

    I am new to this and trying to learn how to run the report I want. Can the conditions be printed on the reports? For example, in my 'if/do' conditions, I would like the 'do' to be recorded for each submission.

  • ChairNerd

    This showed me how to view completed submissions, but I still don't see how to view the incomplete submissions. It shows that I have 10, but the only option is to delete them. I don't see how to open them.

  • sdpfundingsolutions

    There were 2, one from hyper lane logistics and another from Casakomfortinn &suites. The casakomfortinn & suites is the one I'm looking for.

  • AlyceaJean

    Thank you! I guess I have another question. Once I am satisfied with the form I created. I clicked share and I was able to copy the link. That link takes a person I shared it with to the form so they can edit what I created, but it didn’t allow them to fill in responses which is the purpose of the form. Did I miss something when publishing? How can participants access the form to fill out the information I’m requesting?
    Thank you for your help.

  • augustineclassical

    Can we see a submission of a form that has been saved to continue later but not submitted - if so how ?

  • Caroline48

    How do people submit the form once they have filled it out?

  • apamela

    Can we see a submission of a form that has been saved to continue later but not submited ?

  • gjillians2

    When I look at a submission in this view the header text is shown but the header image is not although when I go to the pdf view both the header text and image are shown. I am using a free version as a test for a recruitment company with a silver package.
    An unrelated comment, it would be good to produce a report / email that produces a list of forms that are published to include the form name and web link as this could then be sent to all staff so they would know which link to send to candidates. This may already exist but I have not found it yet.

  • Binocularfight

    When I view form submissions and create a .pdf, I get a 404 error when I try to use the link generator in the "share" section of the .pdf creator tool. It worked when I used the email option, but I can't get the link generator to work. Any insight on this? Thanks!

  • Experient

    How can I remove the "view you submissions" link and the "edit" that is shown at the bottom of the submitted form?

  • Binocularfight

    Hi, I've set up a free account to evaluate whether a paid version of this tool could work on a client's website. They'll need to be able to accept file uploads on their form (a grant application). I created a sample form to test this feature and to understand how to view submissions. When I click "view submissions" I can see the data and the file uploads submitted. But when I click the links for each file upload, I get a 404 error. Should I be able to see the uploaded file?

    The same is true when I click the PDF icon and choose "download PDF" - clicking on the uploaded files results in a 404 error.

    Thank you for your help. How uploaded files are displayed and accessible will determine my client's ability to use this product.

  • SAL105

    when i download the submissions, is the data secure when i do that?

  • spoiledmarketing

    Can I have all form submissions go to an email address I use as well as the jotform account?

  • mayragonzalez


    I am trying to see the submissions for my forms, I am following the guide but I cannot see them. They appear to be in blank. I also exported them to excel, and all cells are in blank.
    The forms are shared with me, but I am supposed to be able to watch the submissions and to track them.

    Could you please let me know if there is something wrong with my account.
    my email account is :

    thanks, regards

  • MichelleCavanaugh

    Thanks. Another question: On the screen above, what does the N.... mean and what does the flag mean ?

  • Faehrmann

    Thank you ... Another Question please.

    If I have a form that I have filled in and then I wish to have a second with almost the same information, am I able to duplicate the first, and then make changes to the copy?

    Also, if I had a from and wanted to import information from a previous excel file, is this possible?

    Thank you

  • topserve

    Is it possible to retrieve data from google sheet to jotform

  • cziemann

    If i delete a submission by accident can I retrieve it and if so how?

  • mayerm18

    No, that didn't work. When I click on "submissions" I only get the submissions one at a time, not a list.

  • malynakano

    Is there a way to have the same form, open multiple times. So I have created a Request Form for new products. One is created filled and isn't complete yet, but someone might want to use this form to request another new product. As it's the same form, I need it to be open for each request/new stock code which I've set up as being unique. And I've tested the first form entry and submitted it, how do I close it off as complete? My form :

  • Wanjiku_Joyce

    Is it possible for each an every submission to have its own unique url?

  • Fx Nironjon

    I can see only 2017 submisions and not 2019

  • SeaChells

    Is there a way to search through ALL forms? From what I'm able to gather, I can only search within one form. Would be so useful to search someone's email address and see all the forms that person submitted. If this is not a feature, is it in the works?

  • BZAmipson

    Is there a way to set up a report of the submissions and have it emailed to me? For instance, I verify all submissions were processed and have to go into the submissions and download to excel and then see which ones came in since the last time I looked, and I do this for multiple forms so it takes time. Is it possible for an excel of all submissions to be emailed to me weekly?

  • stdupont

    There's one that is not appearing still.

    And why I'm not receiving any of these notifications?

  • nasirahithnin

    For Free User, the limit to the number of responses for the form is only 100. So after deleting all the submissions, will the limit for the form restarts back? Means I can get another 100 responses and so on and so forth?

  • rhinestone

    I checked that box and submitted a test submission and the email did not include it, although it is showing in the website gui. I need it in the email.

  • My_Charity

    We have one or two people who cannot register online because of the CAPTCHA feature and unfortunately no one has been able to explain how members of the same family but using only one computer can do this. So, I have said that I will register these people directly but I cannot see how to do this. Can anyone help My Charity?