Why inventory widget has “API key missing” over all the fields in mobile mode?

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    Asked on August 28, 2017 at 10:57 AM

    The inventory widget works fine in preview and even in live mode on desktop. Why does it have “API key missing” over all the fields in mobile mode? See attached. How can I fix that?

    FYI. These are orders for materials without any payment required.

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    Answered on August 28, 2017 at 12:10 PM

    Apologies for the inconveniences this may have caused to you. 

    I have been investigating your form and found that it works on my end, I loaded your form using an Android device as well as an iPhone emulator, here are some screenshots about it: 



    I have cleared your forms cache, could you please test on your end again? 

    You could also check your forms cache by following this guide: https://www.jotform.com/help/229-How-to-Clear-Your-Form-Cache 

    Let us know if the issue persists. 

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    Answered on August 29, 2017 at 02:01 AM

    All 3 phones that I have: iphone 4 and 5, Samsung android and Windows phone still show the API keys missing.

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    Answered on August 29, 2017 at 02:23 AM

    Looks like Jotform changed the share link. Used to be a numbered URL. It's OK now.

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    Answered on August 29, 2017 at 03:51 AM


    Not sure what you meant by the "share link", were you referring to the form's direct link? 

    In your case, you are using the custom URL feature, which gives you an alternative link to your form like this: https://form.jotform.ca/vtiportal/vti-marketing-materials-order-form. To learn more about the custom URL feature, you can check this guide: https://www.jotform.com/help/261-How-to-Create-a-Custom-URL-of-a-Form

    However, the original form URL which consists of the form ID will not change, you can still use it. Here's yours: https://form.jotform.ca/72367531463256

    Both of them don't have the "API key missing" message, usually, that seems to happen if the widget was not properly setup or you need to re-open the widget and click the "Update Widget" button. 

    If you are still having problems with this, please do let us know.