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How to Clear Your Form Cache?

How to Clear Your Form Cache?

You now have the ability to clear your Form Cache yourself! Sometimes you may rarely, but occasionally experience some peculiar issues with your form or account. In this event, it is a good idea to first try to clear your Form Cache as this can often be of great help to you in correcting previous issues that happened.

It is also a good way to refresh your forms themselves. Additionally we would like to point out that there is no need to worry about this either since this does not do anything that would delete or cause your form to disappear.

You can use the following steps to clear your form cache yourself:

(1) Go to My Account

(2) Go to Settings

(3) Last, click on Clear Cache and a pop-up will appear saying " All Caches are Cleared! " then click okay and you are done!


If you are still having trouble beyond this, you may also want to try any of these resources in conjunction with the steps above:

WikiHow article: Clear your Browser Cache 

How to clear your cache and search history

It should help to correct the problems associated with.

Lastly, if all else fails please feel free to contact us by opening up a thread in our Support Forum with details about the problem.

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Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
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  • KimHR

    I have cleared my Cache as suggested above. This has not fixed my problem with Submission Quota error. I have over 100 staff in our business. We use this as our only way for staff to submit leave requests, please assist us asap.

    Thank you.

  • WayneHoyle

    does this clear ALL appointments?
    if the submissions exists - will the appointment remain?

  • foreverpets

    Could you please make this feature available on phone browsers? It only appears in desktop view at the moment. Thank you.

  • Velhasaguias

    Meu formulario parou de funcionar :(
    form has stopped working :(

    Form over quota ?

    Carlos Cesar de Mello

  • bakerfranke

    Quick Question: what is in the forms cache? Interested to know so I can begin to develop some instincts around when clearing it might be the solution to my problems.

  • pshmker

    Looks like you have upgraded since this was written, there is currently no option to clear the cache like it shows in the instructions.

  • Wojtek

    Cache is not cleared, browser and jotform cache like described on this support page do not work

  • legacyhomeplans

    My cache is clear, however I can not access my form

    I get a message "Form over quota" the form has exceeded its allocated quota. I've deleted the submissions, cleared the cache, and refreshed my browser. I still get the message. Can you help?

  • mursion

    Every time I try the instructions< i get a JotForm server error. Is this feature disabled? Thanks

  • hkmurano

    I have 2 forms .. usually problem with quote/booking. form sizing problem.
    sometimes not show submitt and clear form button on the screen or freeze form.
    Also, this morning white out on our website.
    I'm not sure ..right now working fine.

  • rodloc

    When I reload the page after a submission, the information is still on the form. How can I ensure that a client can submit information and it not be stored on the form for the next client to see?

  • thaisxs

    This problem only happened on Windows 8 machine or laptop with touch.

    If your using touch enable pc the drag function will only accept touch input. which mean mouse click will not work on it.

    The problem is, that Windows 8 counts as "touch enabled device" in some browsers/jQuery/or somewhere else. I guess that's a if/else statement in the drag that might have conflict on it.

    i did try it on a non touchable win8 machine and it doesn't work as well.

    I uploaded a video showing 1st part was using mouse click and unable to drag n move and 2nd part was using touch to drag around.

  • emediagc

    Cleared cache. Still can not see my forms page with the list of all the form i have created. Opened In chrome and windows.