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    Asked on August 07, 2020 at 04:45 PM

    All of the forms on our website where we link fields to an actual uploaded pdf page are no longer showing up on our website. They were working in the spring and early summer. Not sure when they stopped working, but a client just alerted us to the problem. The form flashes on for a second like it is going to load and then disappears. This is only happening to the forms that link fields to an uploaded original pdf, not the ones we have created from scratch. Nothing has changed on our end with the website since May when they were all working. This has to a change made on your end to this kind of form and the Iframe code. PLEASE HELP WE NEED TO GET THIS FIXED ASAP.

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    Answered on August 07, 2020 at 08:58 PM

    We are currently facing an issue only with iFrame embedded forms.

    But, in your case, I am able to view all forms perfectly fine on your website. Please check this screencast:


    Do check and let us know if you are still facing any issues.

    If you are not seeing these forms, please provide us a screenshot of your console log: How-to-get-a-console-report-from-most-common-browsers 

    Please follow the instructions in this guide to attach screenshots on this ticket link: How-to-Post-Screenshots-to-Our-Support-Forum