PDF Invoice: Option to change the language of some words on the Product Details.

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    Asked on August 30, 2020 at 12:16 PM

    Hi Jotform,

    For a hugh future project with reservations, order and invoice forms I'm testing now the Product List utility to generate invoices.
    In general it's an invoice with a detail of the consumed drinks, during hiring a meeting room. I have in total about 80 different drinks... 

    Yes I know, instead of the Product List utility, I can also use a lot of small fields instead, for each item a separate field (name, quantity, price, tax, subtotal etc...). And then with the calculation widget I can handle the calculation of each line total.
    And yes again, I've tested this for one product and that works. However when I have to set up this workflow for 80 products with 5 fields each, this means more then 400 fields in the same form!!!.
    Also handling with 400 different field names... very confusing. And of course that's very hard to maintain. When you want to change the order, or the price of a product will change, it's ... a LOT of work... 

    So I'm sure there must be a more smart way to set up this... :-)

    The 'Product List' item is a perfect tool to do this work, but I'm still struggling with some things today...

    A few questions about the Product List...

    (1) How or where I can change the titles "Description" and "Amount"
    And also the names "Subtotal" "Tax" and "Total" ? I want to have them in local language. This english titles in the PDF will appear automatically...

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    (2) In the Product List properties I see different "field IDs". That's good.
    But... when I create a email notification (or PDF) I can only choose in the available fields names for "Product List" and no more.

    This mean it's the Product List as it is and no personal settings are possible. 

    Will there be a way I can also choose in the field names for a field ID to use in the email notification?
    Cause then I can create of course the layout of the invoice exact how I want. 

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    Below a small example of invoice how I like it and want to have it. Would this layout and columns be possible in Jotform with the Product List? 

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    (3) And in case the answer for question 2 will be positive...
    Is there a way I can detect what each Field ID will mean? 
    Example: what means #input_8_1002 ? Is this product number 1 or number 2... or the amount ? Or something else ? 

    (4) And last a question about the tax (VAT) - BTW used in the Product List.

    I can choose for a tax percent (VAT-BTW) in the Product List. Right so I choose for 6%.
    But in my country we'll have to use different VAT ranges. So for some products you'll have to pay 6% and for other ones it's 21%. On the same invoice!

    In my invoice I have Cola Zero (that's 6% tax) but also a bottle of wine (and that's 21% tax). And this will differ for each product. 
    How can we solve this tax issue? Is there a way I'll use different % of taxes? 


    Thank you very much for your answers !!! 

    Best regards

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    Answered on August 30, 2020 at 12:49 PM

    I have still an additional question - also for the Product List :-) 

    How to change the width of the quantity field. Today it's 2 digits, but I need min 3 digits, cause sometimes customers will consume 210 botles of Cola Zero... 

    How to change this? 

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    Answered on August 30, 2020 at 04:51 PM

    Please allow me to answer your questions in different sections. I have moved your concerns about another topic to a separate ticket to avoid confusion.

    How or where I can change the titles "Description" and "Amount"

    If you are referring to the following words on the PDF Invoice, I'm afraid that there is no option to change the language of those words.

    I have, however, forwarded your concern to our developers as a feature request on your behalf. And although we cannot guarantee that it will be implemented any time soon, please be assured that once there is an update about it, we will notify you on this ticket the soonest.

    Other concerns:

    Will there be a way I can also choose in the field names for a field ID to use in the email notification? Is there a way I can detect what each Field ID will mean?


    How can we solve this tax issue? Is there a way I'll use different % of taxes?


    How to change the width of the quantity field.


    We will be responding to the other tickets shortly. You may respond to each ticket for any follow-up questions you may have for each concern.