Approval Style Workflow?

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    Asked on January 17, 2021 at 11:16 PM

    I am looking to create a workflow based on the following steps...

    1. User 1 fills out entire form
    2. User 2 audits User 1 completed form.

    I can think of 1 way using Jot Form, User 1 fills out form and then User 2 goes to "Submissions" and hits "Edit" and completes unused fields in order to "Audit" user 1's work...

    Is there another way to have User 2 enter a new form where the prior form filled out by User 1's data is prepopulated?

    I know it sounds confusing but Ill give you the application...

    My restaurant uses nightly checklists to track task completion before my closing manager leaves...

    I will make this checklist in JotForm... They will be required to complete it nightly. I want me opening manager to look through it easily and CONFIRM or SIGN OFF that each item is complete when they arrive the next morning. I was thinking of having a column for PM and AM with a checkmark for each one, but how do I structure this?

    Thanks ahead of time...

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    Answered on January 18, 2021 at 01:24 AM

    Kindly check out the guide below to create an approval workflow: