Can users get access to submitted forms?

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    Asked on February 12, 2021 at 06:52 AM


    Is it possible to allow a user that has previously filled out an application webform to login as an existing user (by i.e. sending him/her by email a personalised link to the webform) in order to:

    a) allow them to edit/update their information submitted in a previous form?


    allow them to see previous applications that have submitted by them or their organization in the past?

    If yes, would this data also be updated in Salesforce (if we have integreated Jotform with Salesforce of course)? 

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    Answered on February 12, 2021 at 07:31 AM

    Hi Sarah688,

    Thank you for contacting Support.

    What I can suggest is for them to contact you in case they would like to make changes to their submission. Then you can provide them an edit link. This edit link allows the user to edit their previous submission. Once they submitted it, it will only update the previous data.

    Here's a quick guide for that:

    1. Look for the submission ID of the submission that needs to be updated via the Submission page. Here's a guide on Where-to-Find-the-Submission-ID.

    2. Once you already have the submission ID, append it to this link:{add_submission_id_here}

    3. Then you can send that link to the user via email.

    We have moved your other concern to ticket

    We will respond to it shortly.