Submit on next? Skip to page? Get information from another form?

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    Asked on June 07, 2021 at 11:24 AM

    This always seems to happen to me that I submit a request and the box is empty.

    Anyway, retyping my questions

    Submit on next? if you have 10 pages, but a certain condition is met on pages 1-5, can the next button on page 5 be a submit button instead? Or do I have to skip to the last page, hide everything on that page just to show the submit button? Would like to save a click.

    Skip to page? can I skip automatically to a certain page upon using the regular form link?

    let's say you you have this link:

    Normally it would land you on page 1 and with a upon next, it can skip to page 5. Can this be automated so you don't land on page 1 and have to click next? can a condition be entered that if x is true, go automatically to page 5 using the regular form link? I know you can use these links: but that would mean people would have to have that link. Again just trying to save a click.

    Get information from another form? If FORM1 ( has a text field with a default value of a persons name for example: Jane Doe, field name {name}, can I read this in FORM2 in a paragraph text field for example, something like this:

    "Please reach out to {{name}} our property manager at {{email}} or {{phone}}and request...." this would return:

    "Please reach out to Jane Doe our property manager at or 123-123-1234 and request...."

    I don't actually want to read data from a submission itself (I am vaguely familiar with passing data from one form to another, but that's not what I am asking here). Just default values of other fields embedded into the first form, so I don't have to repeat them in each form.

    The idea here is really having a masterform that has a number of text or number fields, for example the name and contact information of a property manager or assistant or super or whomever. Instead of duplicating this information across a variety of forms, was wondering if I could have a master and then insert the information across multiple forms, but I only have to change it in one place if the information changes.

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    Answered on June 07, 2021 at 04:09 PM

    If your form fields from Pages 6 up to 10 are not required, you could add a submit button on page 5 and conditionally show it. You can also hide the page break, so users won't move forward and just be presented with the submit button to submit the form. If fields are required, you can't submit the form without skipping or hiding those fields based on condition(s).

    Skip to a page requires conditional logic and a form action, so I'm afraid a regular link won't be possible here.

    Getting information from another form without the URL parameter from the other form isn't possible. Passing beforehand is required. We have a Spreadsheet to Form widget, but this requires a static file, so this means you will need to update each of the forms that have this if the source file had changed.

    I hope that helps.