The forms and their data seem to be gone from our account

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    Asked on February 22, 2016 at 05:10 PM

    Canvas Literary Journal has been having issues with our account being over storage since Jotform changed its set-up or something. Today when I went in to check on the response to another question regarding why our links were being held hostage I found that two of our forms, ones we will need for a Spring issue that is supposed to start production in just two weeks, were gone. The forms in questions are a Spring 2016 submissions form and a Cover Art submission form.

    We've been having issues accessing links for a few weeks, but this is on another level. Where have our forms gone and how can we get them back. Not allowing access to our links because our account is over storage is one thing, but forms suddenly disappearing is another.

    The link to our Spring 2016 form has even disappeared from our webpage, saying it was deleted, when no such action has been made on our part. Please help us resolve this and retrieve our submissions. 

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    Answered on February 22, 2016 at 06:08 PM

    I want to assure you Nina that we actually do not delete forms and their submissions in some account - unless of course the same break our terms of use (for example used for phishing and similar activities).

    In this case, it seems to me that the issue is that the forms were deleted and then purged as suggested by my colleague few days back:

    The thing is that when you purge the form, it is removed completely and I can only presume that the account details are shared with multiple people and someone saw that reply and just removed the forms - without considering that the same might be needed.

    Based on what I can see, these were removed today by someone from within your account, which you can see here:

    This is the link to the larger screenshot if you need it:

    Please do note that as mentioned above, once the form is purged it is completely removed. Because of the same it would not be possible for us to restore the data, but if you have the same data in your Google account or Excel / CSV files it might be possible to re-add it to your jotform account under new forms.

    The forms embedded on your website will however need to be recreated - like the one on the page you have shared with us: