Adding IDs automatically based on user selections

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    Asked on June 15, 2016 at 03:07 PM

    I posted this question yesterday but it's not showing. I've also responded with updates on a couple past questions and those responses aren't showing. Given those questions revolved around data missing in some of our forms, I'm concerned about a larger issue with JotForm, securing and maintaining data.

    Here is a repeat of my question...

    We are asking people who submit a form response to pick their closest showroom (location). Each showroom has a unique ID for us. Afterwards, we would have to edit the form and add the ID to a hidden field (since users wouldn't know this ID and we need it to track responses by showroom in our database).

    Can we provide this information behind the scenes, and when a user selects their showroom, can JotForm add the unique ID to the hidden field outside of the user's eye sight? That would save us a step.

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    Answered on June 15, 2016 at 06:16 PM

    Unfortunately, I was not able to find your question. Please make sure that you are logged into your account when posting the questions.

    You may consider the following solution to silently populate the IDs.

    1) Assign calculation values (your IDs) to the field.

    How to Assign Calculation Value

    2) Add a hidden Form Calculation widget field to catch the selected ID.

    Please note that users will be able to check the IDs via form source code, so they are not 100% hidden.