Approval Templates for Finance

17 Templates

Make your finance department as efficient as possible with Jotform’s automated Approval Templates for Finance. When you receive a submission through your online form, the submission will be forwarded to the first person in your workflow, who will choose to approve, deny, or forward the request. When the approval flow reaches its final decision, the person who filled out your form will receive an autoresponder email letting them know the outcome. To get started, choose a template below and customize it to meet your needs by adding more approvers, personalizing emails, setting up notifications, merging branches, and more in a few easy clicks! Approve budgets, invoices, reimbursements, and more with free online Approval Templates for Finance.

Budget Approval Process Template

Create a budget approval flow for your company. Add approvers, automatically send emails, set up conditional logic, and more. Manage approvals on any device.


Purchase Order Approval Template

Streamline purchase orders. Free automated approval template. Approve or deny purchase order requests fast. Assign approvers, add emails, and more. No coding.


Business Trip Approval Template

Speed up your travel expense approval process. Approve, deny, and forward requests instantly on any device. Send emails automatically. Save time with automation.


Invoice Approval Template

Collect, review, and approve or deny invoices seamlessly from any device. Easy-to-customize automated online approval flow. Send notifications and autoresponders.


CapEx Approval Process Template

Streamline capital expenditure requests at your company. Free automated approval flow template for finance teams. Add approvers, emails, conditions, and more.


Fund Request Approval Process Template

Process fund requests for your company online. Accept submissions and respond on any device. Easy to customize. Send notifications and autoresponder emails.


Mileage Reimbursement Approval Template

Reimburse employees for business-related gas costs. Easy to customize. Collect and respond to requests on any device. Set up autoresponders, notifications, and more.


Purchase Requisition Approval Template

Quickly process purchase requests from employees. Free automated online approval flow. Respond on any device. Customize with no coding. Send autoresponder emails.


Petty Cash Approval Process Template

Simplify petty cash requests by accepting them online. Easy-to-customize automated online approval flow. Send notifications, emails and more. Respond on any device.


Grant Approval Process Template

Approve or deny grant requests online. Easy-to-customize approval flow template. Automatically forward requests to coworkers and send approval emails to applicants.


Credit Approval Process Template

Receive and review credit applications online. Easy-to-customize automated approval flow. Great for banks and financial institutions. Send autoresponder emails.


Wire Transfer Approval Process Template

Process wire transfer requests with ease. Customizable online approval flow for any business. Set up notifications, autoresponder emails, time limits, and more.


Discount Approval Process Template

Approve or reject discount requests through your website. Free automated approval flow template for businesses. Add new approvers, steps, and more. No coding.


KYC Approval Process Template

Process Know Your Customer (KYC) applications online. Great for banks and other financial institutions. Easy to customize. Respond on any device. No coding required.


Account Approval Process Template

Improve your account approvals process with an automated online workflow. Great for banks and finance companies. Easy to customize. Send notifications and emails.


Account Closing Approval Process Template

Streamline the way you accept, review, and respond to account closing requests. Great for banks. Easy-to-customize online approval flow. Send autoresponder emails.


Financial Aid Approval Template

Receive and process student loan and financial aid requests on any device. Easy-to-customize automated approval flow. Set up notifications, autoresponders, and more.