Procurement Process Approval Templates

5 Templates

Vendor Approval Process Template

Get vendor applications for your next event. Automate the approval process. Send confirmation or rejection emails automatically. Easy to customize. No coding.


Equipment Purchase Approval Process Template

Approve or deny equipment purchase requests from employees. Great for office managers. Easy to customize, set up conditional logic, and add new members.


Supplier Approval Process Template

Approve or reject supplier evaluations on any device. Easy-to-customize online approval flow. Set up notifications, conditional logic, and autoresponder emails.


Equipment Replacement Approval Process Template

Process equipment replacement requests within your business. Easy to customize. Respond to requests on any device. Send automated emails and notifications.


Client Approval Process Template

No matter which industry your company belongs to, streamline the way you onboard new clients with the help of a free online Client Approval Process Template!


About Procurement

Manage the way you approve vendors, suppliers, clients, equipment purchases and rentals, and more with Jotform’s Procurement Process Approval Templates. To get started, select the ready-to-use template that best suits your needs. Using our drag-and-drop interface, you can easily assign approvers, add new workflow elements, and customize emails in a few clicks. When someone fills out your online form, their request will instantly be sent to the first approver to approve, deny, or forward to the next approver until a final decision is made — triggering an automated confirmation or rejection email. As owner of the original form, you’ll be able to track and manage pending tasks — as well as approver activity — straight from Jotform Inbox. Streamline approvals for your business with free Procurement Process Approval Templates!