Reservation Approval Templates

7 Templates

Booking Approval Process Template

Approve or reject booking requests efficiently. Automated approvals template for your approval flow. Great for hotels, travel agencies, events, and more. No coding.


Restaurant Reservation Approval Process Template

Manage reservations for your restaurant with ease. Accept or deny requests from any device. Automatically send email responses to customers. Customize with no coding.


Vehicle Request Approval Process Template

Make it easier to approve vehicle requests for your company. Free automated approval flow template for vehicle rentals. Add approvers, emails, and more. No coding.


Trip Details Approval Process Template

Approve or deny clients’ travel plans with our free approval flow template for travel agencies. Add approvers, steps, conditions, emails, and more. No coding.


Guest House Booking Approval Process Template

Accept bookings for your guest house online. Send automated approval or denial emails to guests. Set up notifications. Respond on any device. No coding needed.


Pickup Request Approval Process Template

Simplify pickup orders for your business. Free automated approval flow for pickup requests. Assign drivers as approvers. Add emails, conditions, and more. No coding.


Car Rental Reservation Approval Process Template

Receive and respond to car rental requests from any device. Free automated online approval flow. Send notifications and emails instantly. Customize with no coding.


About Reservation

Whether you manage reservations for events, lodgings, or restaurant seating, streamline and automate your scheduling process with our free Reservation Approval Templates. Simply select the template that suits your needs and customize it by assigning approvers and adding workflow elements like conditions and emails if needed. When a guest fills out your online reservation form, their submission will automatically be sent to an approver for review — and they’ll receive an automated confirmation or rejection email based on whether or not their reservation has been accepted. As form owner, you’ll be able to track pending tasks and approver activity in Jotform Inbox, so no reservation goes unseen. Keep your guests happy and coming back for more with a Reservation Approval Template that makes reservations a breeze!