How New Wheel uses Jotform to scale its e-bike business

How New Wheel uses Jotform to scale its e-bike business

You can’t go more than a mile without seeing a bike lane in San Francisco. No, really. In 2022, the city had over 460 miles of bikeway, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

But in cities like San Francisco, which has no shortage of steep hills, biking isn’t always a convenient option. Thankfully, New Wheel, a San Francisco-based electric bicycle business, is here to address that. And Jotform has been there every step of the way, as New Wheel has grown to four locations across the Bay.

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New Wheel, founded in 2010 by co-owners Karen Wiener and Brett Thurber, began with a clear mission: Inspire people to ride electric bikes, rather than cars, in the city. Since its first shop opened in Bernal Heights, it has expanded into multiple locations across San Francisco, Marin County, and Oakland.

According to Wiener, Jotform has played a crucial role in New Wheel’s growth. The company uses Jotform for a variety of purposes, from appointment booking to business metrics tracking. Jotform also streamlined complex workflows for the business; for example, staff built a management app using Jotform Apps, which has simplified and standardized the work of managers.

“Jotform is very flexible and allows us to get the information that we need into these most critical, complex areas of the business,” Wiener says.

What’s been especially helpful, according to Wiener, is how Jotform’s integrations streamline operations. Thanks to Jotform’s Google Sheets and Google Drive integrations, New Wheel employees can quickly and easily share data, and with Zapier and Stripe, the company has been able to take payments as it scales.

Overall, Wiener recommends Jotform to other business owners because it grants them the simplicity they need as they continue to develop.

“As a business grows, it’s critical that things become simpler,” Wiener says. “And what Jotform has really helped us do is simplify everything as much as possible.”

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