How Jotform helps Mountain West Conference save 50% in admin time

How Jotform helps Mountain West Conference save 50% in admin time

Collegiate athletes everywhere deserve to have a memorable championship experience, but organizing and managing an entire conference is no small feat.

That’s why the athletic championship organization, Mountain West, needed to streamline its work. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Mountain West consists of 11 full league members and two affiliated members, whose championships span over 15 sports across different seasons. Organizing 15 different championships can be a handful, however, if you don’t have the right tools.

Luckily, Mountain West has been a loyal Jotform customer for over a decade now. And according to CFO Gary Walenga, our products have been “transformational” for the organization’s operations.

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Mountain West previously used another form builder, but employees weren’t able to get timely and organized data with it, Walenga says. After some searching, Mountain West switched to Jotform. Since then, the conference has seen dual improvements in both its work processes and in Jotform.

“I feel like we’ve evolved with Jotform because we’ve been with them for over a decade now, and they listen to the things that their customers want and implement them,” Walenga says.

Throughout their time with Jotform, Mountain West staff have discovered different ways our features can optimize their work.

For example, Walenga says he often uses a Jotform form as a means to reimburse third-party contractors. When the conference gets a reimbursement request, the data is sent to Mountain West through a form. And since the form is directly integrated with Walenga’s accounting software, this eases the entire reimbursement process.

Mountain West has also used Jotform for hiring, feedback surveys, and ticket sale forms. In fact, Mountain West even uses Jotform’s integration to easily gather ticket payments.

But most of all, Walenga says that staff love Jotform for its time-saving automations. For instance, conditional logic allows him and his colleagues to build intelligent and highly functional forms without any coding necessary.

He can adjust which questions are displayed depending on a respondent’s answers, personalizing the form-filling experience. This saves Mountain West time by combining what could have been multiple forms, all for different audiences, into one.

“That has really changed how we built those surveys and increased the level of functionality and efficiency of the survey,” Walenga says.

All in all, Walenga finds that Jotform has cut down on time spent gathering and managing data by at least 50 percent, making it the best form choice for Mountain West.

“I would say that if you analyze Jotform and were considering using it in our industry, you’re going to end up at the same answer that I did,” Walenga says. “Jotform is definitely the way to go.”

We love hearing about how Jotform has improved the operations of businesses and organizations everywhere like the Mountain West Conference. If you’d like to share your own story with us, feel free to fill out this form!

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