How Jotform helps Women’s Wilderness promote women’s empowerment

How Jotform helps Women’s Wilderness promote women’s empowerment

The great outdoors only gets better when you have great company, and the nonprofit Women’s Wilderness strives to make that a reality for countless girls, women, and nonbinary individuals.

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Women’s Wilderness has offered programs that combine outdoor activities like camping, climbing, and hiking with an inclusive community since 1998.

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As Erin Jobe, development director at Women’s Wilderness, puts it, the nonprofit aims to provide “accessible, gender-informed outdoor experiences for women and girls, with an ultimate goal of really changing the way that women and girls connect with themselves, with nature, and with community.”

But with over 800 participants and 200 days of programming a year, this nonprofit needed to automate its work. That’s why staff turned to Jotform to handle many of their administrative tasks and processes.

Women's Wilderness Case Study Results at a Glance

Women’s Wilderness originally used a hodgepodge of different platforms for data collection, according to Jobe. Eventually, the admissions coordinator handling this data grew frustrated and searched for options that could streamline the work.

Unfortunately, for a nonprofit like Women’s Wilderness, the price of software can be a barrier. Staff discovered that Jotform had the functionality and user-friendliness they needed while also being affordable.

“We were really thrilled and relieved to find out that Jotform could do so much for us at the price that we pay for it,” Jobe says.

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Today, the people behind Women’s Wilderness use Jotform for a variety of purposes like program registrations, event RSVPs, gear requests, and staff onboarding. They manage their data with the help of our Google Sheets integration, which automatically receives submissions from Jotform.

On top of this, Women’s Wilderness has found Jotform’s HIPAA compliance features helpful because the organization collects sensitive medical and demographic information from youth participants.

“It is really hard to find an affordable platform that provides HIPAA [compliance features], and that is really important to us…and to our funders,” Jobe says.

Fundraising is the lifeblood of any nonprofit, and that’s why Women’s Wilderness staff has taken advantage of Jotform’s donation tools. For example, they can quickly create donation forms with the help of Jotform’s 30-plus payment processor integrations.

In particular, Women’s Wilderness makes use of Jotform’s Stripe integration for its program scholarships. All staff has to do is send a scholarship recipient a discount code, and the recipient will immediately get an updated price.

Once the organization receives a donation, a customized response will automatically be sent to the donor, thanking them on the nonprofit’s behalf.

All in all, Jobe says that Jotform has been a big help to the nonprofit by streamlining administrative work so staff can spend more time and resources on empowering participants.

“Jotform has really helped us save time in our data collection processes, helped us get more done with fewer hours,” Jobe says. “That is so important in the nonprofit world.”

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