Celebrate Earth Day with Jotform

Earth Day is a time for us to celebrate, recognize, reflect, and commit to preserving the planet that we all share. With billions of people on earth, lands and oceans teeming with flora and fauna, we need to respect our environment to keep our planet happy and healthy.

During this week people join together to clean roads, ride bikes, plant trees, donate to environmental charities, switch to eco-friendly lightbulbs, and help the environment in any number of other ways. What better way to facilitate these activities than with a form!

Check out these eco-friendly forms made with our Form Designer.

Create a donation form with Jotform for an environmental cause.

Plan a volunteer event to clean up a river.

River Cleanup Volunteer form

Create an online petition form to save the environment.

Sign a petition for earth day

Send out invitations to Earth Day parties.

Plan a party for earth day

How did you celebrate earth day? Tell us about it in the comments, or share your favorite eco-friendly JotForm.

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