Top 3 enterprise task management solutions

Most project managers aren’t satisfied with the systems they have in place to manage their team’s tasks. If you’re struggling to implement an effective system of enterprise task management to increase your team’s productivity, the following list of tools can help. Each is equipped with the flexibility that enterprise organizations need to build custom workflows at scale.

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3 enterprise task management tools to scale productivity

Our top three enterprise task management tools — Jotform, Jira, and — are all flexible options, so no matter your team’s structure, you can build custom workflows that suit your needs.


Jotform Tables, Jotform Approvals, and Jotform Report Builder work together to help you build a custom workspace that allows enterprise teams of any size to work together to accomplish tasks.

With more than 200 table templates to choose from, 19 of which are dedicated to project management, Jotform makes it easy for enterprise teams to start creating a task management dashboard that works for them.

This example project tracker template organizes tasks according to their related project and quickly allows team members to see the tasks’ status, owner, expected completion date, project duration, related notes, and much more.

When team members select an individual task, they can view its details, use the notes section to communicate with other team members, and provide status updates without disrupting their day with a meeting or email.

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This particular template also allows you to keep track of your team members, and you can use this list to assign tasks as projects progress.

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With Jotform Approvals, you can set up automated approval workflows to keep tasks moving toward completion. Using a drag-and-drop interface, you can add approvers and conditional branches to get the appropriate sign-offs at different project stages and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

From your Jotform dashboard, you can also use the Jotform Report Builder to automatically generate visualizations to communicate your team’s progress and workload at a glance. This example shows the number of tasks in each project phase.

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You can use the Report Builder to visualize the number of tasks in each stage of the project’s life cycle and on each team member’s plate, allowing you to make better projections regarding your team’s future workload and what it will take to deliver on your objectives.


Atlassian’s Jira software is a popular tool for enterprise engineering teams looking to manage the influx of requests, bugs, and tasks, but it’s also useful as a ticketing solution in a variety of environments.

Here’s an example of how Jira organizes tasks in a kanban view so teams can visualize exactly where each task is in its lifecycle.

Atlassian’s Jira
Atlassian’s Jira allows you to build a custom task management platform for your needs, using features like automations, integrations with other tools, color coding, and drag-and-drop functionality.

This task management tool is a favorite among small businesses and marketing teams, but engineering and human resources teams often use it as well.


It might be less of a good fit for finance or sales teams, which often work directly in Excel sheets or in enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Salesforce, though it does offer integrations.

Flexibility: The most important feature

As a company grows, processes often become more complex in response to the specific needs of the market, customer, product, and employees that work within it. For this reason, flexibility and the ability to customize are the most important features of a successful enterprise task management solution.

Choose well and you can build the ideal task management solution for your team’s needs.

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