6 Fill in the blank templates for a safer contactless experience

6 Fill in the blank templates for a safer contactless experience

Central to any reopening plan, regardless of when it happens, is reducing contact. And for many organizations, contact comes in the way of forms. Students, patients, customers, and colleagues regularly fill out forms by hand with pen and paper, which are then passed to the next person.

Long before COVID-19, Jotform was already reducing organizational dependency on paper. But our new Fill in the Blank field expands the types of forms our users can create, many of which are perfect for fostering a safer contactless experience.

Here’s a look at six new templates we created to help you get started using the new Fill in the Blank field.

Pet care service agreement

The animal care industry — from dog walkers to pet sitters to humane societies — depends on agreement forms between their organizations and the pet owners who rely on their services. This pet care service agreement template allows you to clearly define expectations of service while asking the pet owner to adhere to your guidelines.

School sports clinic enrollment form

Sports will happen again. Some day. This enrollment form uses Fill in the Blank fields to help parents enroll their children in school-sponsored sports programs. The conversational nature of the fields makes it easy for respondents to understand the questions and answer them accurately.

Parental consent and release form

Fill in the Blank fields are made for consent forms. This parental consent form template can be used for everything, from letting children participate in sports to field trips and other school activities.

Protection pledge form

Safety in the age of COVID-19 starts with conduct. Whether you’re asking students or employees to comply with new safety rules, a pledge form is a great way to get them to acknowledge that they understand the new policies during this crazy time.

Report found pet form

Reporting a found pet can make someone’s day, but the report needs to be accurate to avoid potential disappointment. This form template for reporting found pets is easy to fill out because of its Fill in the Blank fields, which allow the submitter to give detailed information seamlessly. Perfect for animal shelters and local municipal agencies.

Student enrollment form

Using Fill in the Blank fields adds a whole new twist to traditional student enrollment forms. This well-designed template is easy for parents to fill out for the upcoming school year and beyond.

Getting responses to a form is all about making it easy to fill out. Fill in the Blank fields are conversational and offer a format that’s familiar to anyone who’s completed a form by hand. Customizing elements that use this feature is incredibly easy, even if you want to start a form from scratch.

Are you using the Fill in the Blank field on your forms? Let us know how in the comments below.

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