More than just lead generation: How to use form builders across the buyer’s journey

No matter what kind of business you run, making sure that your buyer’s journey is frictionless is vital for generating leads and increasing sales.

That’s why we’ve partnered with email verification service and integration partner, Xverify, as well as small business owner and JotForm user, Laura Renner from Freedom Makers, to talk about each stage of the buyer’s journey and how businesses can use form builders to not only get more leads, but also skyrocket sales.


Xverify is an industry leader in email verification that helps digital marketers improve email deliverability by eliminating hard bounces, reducing spam complaints, and minimizing fraud in milliseconds. Validation can occur directly on your site in real time, or you can upload a list and get results. Make your email marketing more effective and improve your ROI today.

Laura Renner, founder of Freedom Makers

Laura Renner is the founder of Freedom Makers Virtual Assistant Services, which provides virtual assistants to small business owners. These virtual assistants are also military spouses, who often struggle to build careers due to their constant moves. After coming across many small business owners who needed super part-time help, Renner developed this idea to solve both problems.

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Annabel is a Marketing Communications Manager at JotForm. She’s passionate about writing and has worked in communications roles domestically and internationally. When she’s not blogging about SaaS or online forms, she enjoys international travel, loud concerts, and artisan coffee. You can reach Annabel through her contact form.

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