Introducing Form Analytics

Introducing Form Analytics

We’re pleased to announce a long-awaited and much-anticipated feature- Form Analytics. This innovative new tool provides valuable insight into the performance of your forms. Want to quickly find out how many people are coming to your forms but not filling them out? Or how about which devices or browsers they’re using? Or maybe you’re curious where in the world they are. You can view all this and more with our new Form Analytics tool.

To access it simply go to the My Forms page and select Form Analytics from the More drop down. The Form Analytics dashboard display is customizable by date, allowing you to view your form’s performance for the time period of your choosing. Perhaps you ran a large promotion and would like to view the results during it. Just select the date you want to see your data.

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Here are some tips you might find useful in working with Form Analytics.

– Select a date range you would expect a reasonable amount of traffic for. If the conversion rate is low, you may want to try to optimize your form to ensure a higher response rate.

– Click on the Devices tab to see what devices people are using. You may discover you have a majority of mobile users, or people using tablets. Once you see what devices they’re using navigate to the Form Designer and ensure your forms look good for that display. The preview option makes it easy to check the display for different screen sizes and devices.

– Click the Platform tab to see what platforms people are working with. Although Jotform is cross browser, cross platform compatible, it’s a good idea to ensure the layout looks good there.

– Click the Location tab to see where people responding to your form are from. If your target market is local and you’re getting many international inquiries, then perhaps you need to make it clear you’re only looking for local users. Or, if you find you’re getting many inquiries from countries you weren’t expecting, maybe it’s time to create a multilingual form. It’s easy to create multilingual forms with JotForm.

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Form Analytics is immediately available for all users. Tell us what you think about it in the comments!

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