Start the year off right with Jotform’s fastest-growing integrations

Start the year off right with Jotform’s fastest-growing integrations

Starting the new year means shaking off that holiday rust and jumping back into the work that needs to be tackled to accomplish your new goals.

To help your team be as productive as possible right from the jump, we’re highlighting some of the fastest-growing workflow integrations within our platform.

Workflow integrations connect your business processes so you can take advantage of easier task management, better team efficiency, and improved agility in the face of rapidly changing conditions (the pandemic, anyone?).

When the right integrations are in place to manage your workflow, better business decisions go from being a dream to a reality.

Why? Because streamlining your processes saves time and provides higher data accuracy, allowing your team to get more done while simultaneously providing the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes.

Regardless of your industry or team function, these Jotform integrations apply across all fields and will turbo charge your workflows so you can be ready for the challenges that lay ahead.

Fastest growing workflow integrations in Jotform

As agility and a seemingly never-ending emphasis on productivity have taken hold in our work lives, workflow integrations have exploded in adoption, with more on the way.

In fact, according to Verified Market Research, over the course of 2019 to 2027, the global workflow automation market is expected to see a growth rate of 24%, going from $8B to $39B.

That workflow automation growth is reflected in Jotform, as more of you have adopted integrations to increase your digital capabilities and simplify your processes.

To help you get your workflows started right this year, we looked into the integrations that have seen the most growth (and usage) among your fellow Jotform users.

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Gone are the days when software was siloed within one organization. Now, integration software is so pervasive, almost every team, no matter how big or small, is (or should be) taking advantage of this connectivity for effective workflow management.

Did you know?

You’ll need to have (or set up) an account with a third-party integration in order to connect your Jotform data. Most of these integrations have either a free version or a free trial period for you to use.

Hottest trending integrations and what they help you do


Salesforce logo

A top name in customer relationship management automation, Salesforce saw a 72 percent year-over-year jump among Jotform users who added this integration to at least one form.

Many of you used the Salesforce integration to sync your Jotform submissions to your Salesforce accounts for automated lead generation, more accurate contact and account information, and easy sales pipeline building.

The Salesforce integration has a prefill feature too, so you can connect your forms to your Salesforce contact lists, allowing your end users to see their information pre-populated when you send them forms (which enables higher form completion rates), while automatically updating any new information they send back.

Did we mention that Salesforce acquired Slack in 2021 for even more streamlined communication?

Manage your sales pipeline more effectively in 2023 with the Salesforce integration.


Slack logo

Speaking of Slack, a messaging platform for communication within an organization, that integration enjoyed a 34 percent increase in adoption. “Just Slack it to me” is firmly embedded in our language now because so many of us use it for quick, efficient communication.

The Slack integration is popular with Jotform users, because it automatically sends notifications of form submissions directly to a chosen Slack channel. For example, account executives are notified immediately when an important new lead comes in, or customer service reps get a message when there’s a critical issue to resolve. That makes Slack, and the team communication it fosters, a no-brainer.

Communicate more in 2023 with the Slack integration.


Airtable logo

Low-code (and cloud based) project management and team collaboration tool Airtable checked in at a strong 52 percent leap in form additions.

No doubt, Jotform users enjoy managing and collaborating on data within the spreadsheet-database platform of Airtable. The form integration ups that efficiency by syncing any Jotform submissions your team receives directly to your bases or tables.

Customizing your integration along with your Airtable access permissions means team projects and collaboration become more streamlined.

Plus, you can create a two-way data flow for your Airtable integration when you pre-populate your forms/surveys in Jotform.

Manage your data better this year with the Airtable integration.

Google Calendar

Start the year off right with Jotform’s fastest-growing integrations Image-2

Any surprise that one of the biggest names in tech has grown in popularity? Probably not. What’s interesting is that of all the Google integrations we offer, Calendar grew the fastest at 48 percent.

In 2022, the Google Calendar integration helped even more individuals and teams automatically add new events and event details from their form submissions.

As we begin to get back to normal after the pandemic (👀), reservations, bookings, and orders are returning to 2019 levels, which makes Google Calendar a valuable integration for businesses of all stripes.   

Stay up to date with the Google Calendar integration today.

Payment integrations


Square logo

Switching gears a moment to payment gateways, Square enables you to take orders right from your form, while also facilitating Apple Pay and Google Pay payments, along with credit card payments.

Plus, Square’s API makes it easy for small businesses and nonprofits to collect recurring subscription payments, with coupon support and trial period customization, among other benefits.

It’s no wonder Square saw a 91 percent increase in form additions last year.

Discover how the Square integration can help your efforts in 2023.


stripe logo

Stripe has grown like wildfire among Jotform users. With an astounding 192 percent increase in added integrations, Stripe is powering online payments across more Jotform businesses and organizations than ever before.

With a diversity of accepted currencies (and languages), and the ability to accept alternative payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Alipay (through its equally popular Checkout integration), it’s plain to see why Stripe has become a hit among Jotform users.

Learn more about how to power your payments with the Stripe integration today.


asana logo

Asana is a leading work management platform that helps organizations orchestrate their work, from small projects to strategic initiatives.

Jotform users already enjoyed the seamless flow of project data from their forms into their Asana projects. But with Asana’s debut of App Components last year, more Jotform users could stay focused by integrating their forms into projects and tasks without leaving the Asana web or app platform.

All told, Jotform users increased adoption of the Asana integration by 52 percent.

Learn more about the Asana integration, and keep your projects on track.

monday is an open platform where you can create your own apps and tools to help you complete projects efficiently and deliver great products. The integration saw a 50 percent increase among Jotform users.

Additionally, the Jotform app (within the app marketplace) has seen increased usage among those of you who want to automatically send data collected from Jotform to your board and assign forms to teammates.

Grow your organization’s online capability — check out the integration.


Starting a new work year is exciting and challenging. We need to find tools and solutions that can help us save time and achieve those big goals we’ve set. The proper integrations can meet that challenge by increasing your organization’s digital capabilities and flexibility, while helping to future-proof your organization in an increasingly remote workplace.

Invest some time to determine which Jotform integrations are right for your organization. By doing so, you’ll enhance your workflow and improve communication, leading to better decisions and faster accomplishment of your goals.

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