Jotform Now Supports Multiple File Uploads

Jotform Now Supports Multiple File Uploads

We’re excited to announce new features that make it is easy to upload multiple files on your forms. Previously, you had to add many upload fields to your form to get files from your users. Now, you can convert your existing upload fields to let users send multiple files at once.

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How to switch to multiple uploads:

Multiple-file upload option is now enabled by default when you add a File Upload field to your form. If you have an existing single file upload fields, you can convert it to multi-file upload fields. Open your form on Jotform Form Builder, select upload field and enable “Allow Multiple” on its properties.

Drag and Drop Files

Select files on your computer and drag & drop them to your file upload form! This feature is only available on the latest versions of browsers. However, if a browser does not support drag & drop, your users will still be able to upload multiple files by selecting them.

Select Multiple Files

Click on Upload button to select multiple files on your computer.

Upload Files on the Background While Filling a Form

While your users are completing a form, their files can be uploaded on Google Drive & Dropbox or their Jotform account. This will both save your users’ time and increase your form completion rates.

Maximum Upload Size Limit Increased to 1GB

You have spoken and we have heard. File upload limit per submission is now increased to 1GB. You can now use Jotform to get very large files from your clients!

Try one of Jotform’s file upload forms today for free!

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