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File Upload Forms

Looking for a form that allows you to collect uploaded files? Then look no further. JotForm's file upload form templates are the first step for you to collect important documents, videos, projects, pictures, or even assignments. You can collect multiple uploaded files at a time, and you can collect them simultaneously with electronic signatures or payments, reducing back-and-forth emails. Large file upload is possible, you can upload files up to 1 GB to your forms. In addition, you can create upload forms for Squarespace, Wordpress or other website builders. Try one of JotForm’s upload form templates today for free!

File Upload Form

File Upload Forms

This file upload form template lets your collect contact information and documents through the file upload field. Completely customizable, this file upload form can be edited, designed, and made more powerful with integrations of your choosing. JotForm offers 100+ integrations with many kinds of business tools, including Dropbox and Box, so you can automatically add your file uploads to the storage option that you use in your daily workflow!

Resume Collection Form

Education Forms

Want to hire the right person? Collect, manage job applications and resumes with this online resume collection form. Recruiting department friendly. Collecting all the relevant data in one resume collection form template can save your team vital time and resources during the recruitment process. Use our resume collection form as a guide for creating your own or get started on a brand new form. Customize your form using themes, apps, and widgets to encourage job candidate engagement with your resume collection template.


File Upload Forms

Simple file upload form with Integration.

Send your Files Form

File Upload Forms

Get files from your friends, colleagues or your customers easily using this form.

Photo Upload Form

File Upload Forms

Photo upload form in English and French. With name and email fields for uploader info and a message box for comments

Identity Verification Form

File Upload Forms

This identity verification form is used to verify the identification of an individual person while issuing some important documents. You can collect their contact information and all the other necessary information to verify the identity of the individuals by using this identity verification document form. Just use this identification form template, and start verifying the identities of your customers.

Photo Contest Entry Form

File Upload Forms

For communities that regularly hold a contest, this photo contest entry form is an ideal tool to accept photo submissions online. It has sections that allows contestants to upload their best picture, an area where they can provide details of the photo including the location of the shot. This photo contest entry template can be used by organizers to set deadlines to the contestants.

Art Submission Form

Entertainment Forms

Wanted to organize an artwork event? Make it possible with the help of this artwork submission form. This artist submission form is perfect for organizers and art lovers. Submitting an artwork online through this submission form template would be very convenient, fast and hassle-free. This artwork submission form asks the necessary details of your participants, like their personal details, type of art and their artwork which will help you execute a well prepared and perfectly organized art event. Start the process of selecting amazing artworks through this art submission form template!

Video Submit Form

File Upload Forms

Do you want to get video submissions from your clients? This video submission form template is very useful and simple to get video submissions from your clients. This video form includes name, email, terms, comments. So you can get comments from your customer by using this video submission form sample.

File Upload Form - Send to Dropbox

File Upload Forms

Another file upload form that would enable your customers to upload fields straight to the form. You can also integrate this form with Dropbox.

Document Delivery Form

File Upload Forms

This document delivery form template is used for requesting document to be delivered in your house or in the office. When you are organizing group travel you need to arrange lots of things like delivering airline tickets, hotel reservation information and other documents like visa information. Then you can send these information to the traveler after they complete a document delivery form.

Recruitment Submission Form

Human Resources Forms

Allow users to enter upload the CV and Resume.

Upload to Dropbox

File Upload Forms

Load a file to the dropbox

Music Submission Form

File Upload Forms

Do you want to collaborate with other music artists? Use this music submission form to get the artists information and their music instantly. This music artist submission form is basically designed for the music artists to upload their music and deliver it straight into your email for evaluation or collaboration depending on your purpose. The music submission email template can be modified according to your preference. Music submission is now way easier and faster through an online form!

Send a File with Captcha Form

File Upload Forms

Want to receive a file from real person? Use this form with captcha on your website.

Custom Filetypes Upload Form

Business Forms

Here's a form which can be used by many to have files uploaded and submitted to a person with technical skills that can remaster the files and filetypes into specifications based on the demand details.

Formulário de Envio de Arquivos

File Upload Forms

Formulário para envio de arquivos de fotos

Upload Your Files

File Upload Forms

Upload Your Files form

Upload Form - Upload Entry Poster

File Upload Forms

Upload Form for Contest Entry. Can be use for Art or Talent contest. Simple way to collect digital arts and know talents.

Customized and Responsive File Upload Form

File Upload Forms

This is a file upload form. The design is customized and it's mobile responsive. This upload file template has a single file upload field but can be turned into a multi-upload field in the form builder. Also, this file upload page template allows getting your customers' messages. This upload file template is a simple and easy to use form.

Music Promotion Form

File Upload Forms

Get musicians all around the globe to promote their music to you with this online form.

Performance Appraisal

Survey Templates

In need of an employee appraisal form? You're in the right place. Here is a simple appraisal form template that works for employees, managers and colleagues. This performance appraisal form template can be filled out by any of the peers mentioned which will help the employee being evaluated improve his overall performance.

Responsive Upload Form

File Upload Forms

A multiple file upload form with modern looking design. Optimized for both small and big screens. User can browse or drag files easily and upload them either on desktop and on mobile.

Casting Fill-out form

File Upload Forms

With this simple casting form template, you can easily receive applications for your auditions. Applicants can enter their name, mail and additional contact information into this casting sheet template. Also, they can choose their preferred casting role from a drop-down list, along with their cover letter and photographs. Use this casting application form and start receiving applications for your casting agency now!

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