5 of the best Weebly themes for small businesses

Weebly themes strongly influence the appearance of your website. They provide the layout, color schemes, font selections, and more. It can be hard to pick between the dozens of great themes available. Luckily, the Weebly website builder has a nice feature for indecisive business owners — it gives you the option to switch themes without losing your content.

This means you don’t have to find the perfect theme for your site before you start designing. Just grab a free theme, start adding content, and rest assured that you can change the overall look later. We asked business owners and online media experts which Weebly themes — both free and those with a fee — are best for small business websites. Here are a few of their top choices.

1. Infiniti (Bamboo Studio: $40)

This premium theme from Bamboo Studio is a top seller, and, according to its creators, “2020’s best Weebly business theme.” Bridgette Norris, marketing director at EcoSecretariat, recommends Infiniti for business owners who want to emphasize professionalism.

“[Infiniti] was voted best for a reason,” Norris says. “It packs everything into clean panels and is suited for any business type out there. It’s modern and clean.”

Highlights include 14 crisp page layouts and five ways to display your navigation menu. Infiniti is suitable for e-commerce but ideal for professional services, such as law or accounting firms.

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2. Haberdasher (Weebly: free)

Haberdasher is a highly visual Weebly theme with image-heavy e-commerce templates. Photography shines on this theme, which puts a spotlight on big, colorful pictures. Mike Falahee, owner and CEO of Marygrove Awning Co., calls its look “classy.”

“The front page showcases your products in a stylish way,” Falahee says. Features include large-image product galleries, a full-width header image on the home page, and at least seven distinct page layouts. It is best for e-commerce — particularly for image-driven goods like fashion and home furnishings.

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3. Ethereal (Luminous Themes: $39)

Ethereal provides more customization options than most themes, with three types of pages across 10 layouts. Page types you can choose for each layout are

  1. OnePage. Colored blocks keep viewers oriented as they scroll vertically from section to section. Background images include parallax, in which foreground elements slide at different rates, creating an illusion of depth.
  2. FlexiPage. This is essentially a OnePage with a powerful added feature — users can add any type of Weebly element to the header. Typically, Weebly headers consist of text and/or images; with FlexiPage, users can drag and drop videos, maps, tables, or any other element from the Weebly design menu into the page header.
  3. ScrolliPage. A vertical navigation menu allows users to add huge amounts of content to the page without disorienting visitors. The modular design makes it easy to add and remove sections from the page, creating an intuitive vertical layout.

Andrew Daniels, digital marketer and web developer at TraitHost.com, calls Ethereal “breathtaking.”

“Both beautiful and powerful, this theme includes regular updates in terms of design and functionality, essentially future-proofing your site,” Daniels says. Like all Weebly themes, Ethereal supports e-store elements, but the strong navigation options make this theme even better for content-heavy informational websites.

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4. Birdseye (Weebly: free)

Birdseye is a free Weebly theme similar to Haberdasher. In fact, Birdseye’s e-commerce page templates are a lot like Haberdasher’s, favoring square tiles of big, bold images over text. But Birdseye is a bit busier than Haberdasher — and not in a bad way. Animated headlines fade in as the viewer scrolls down the page. Fonts are still professional but less severely so (think sweater vest vs power suit).

“[Birdseye] is the perfect choice if you want to create a great impression on visitors,” says Ayushi Sharma, a business consultant with custom software developers iFour Technolab. That great impression will do wonders for an e-commerce operator, but Birdseye also makes a handsome site for a service-based business.

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5. Stella (Bamboo Studio: $33)

Bamboo Studio describes Stella as a “business theme for services,” and its no-nonsense layout supports that assertion. A vertical navigation menu occupies a tab on the side of the screen, and users can choose from 10 page templates.

“This one is a little more on the mature side, I would say, but if you want your site to have that more classic vibe, this is a great one to go to,” Norris says. As its creators suggest, Stella is a great choice for providers of professional services.

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Whichever Weebly theme you choose, remember that Weebly gives you the option to change your mind later.

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