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Odyssey Charter Schools automates administration with Jotform Enterprise

Discover how Odyssey Charter Schools uses Jotform Enterprise to perfect its registration process, automate administrative work, and reduce costs.

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Odyssey Charter Schools

Streamlining data collection and management across the school

Savings from repurposing file cabinets used for paper forms


Reduction in repeat requests for file uploads


Form submissions


Odyssey Charter Schools

Odyssey Charter Schools



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Student registration, records and data management, communications, reporting, immunization and permissions tracking, and equipment management.


Odyssey Charter Schools has long been at the forefront of technology, with most of its lesson planning online since the early 2000s. The organization started using Jotform Enterprise in February 2021 to help manage two significant processes: registration and orientation. The benefits led staff to expand their use of Jotform Enterprise to improve operational efficiencies, communications, and reporting at the state, district, and local charter school levels.


Odyssey wanted to reduce the cost and complexity of its 60-page registration packet to improve the experience of students and parents, and minimize the manual work of inputting registration data into Google Sheets and exporting it to Excel for calculations.


With Jotform Enterprise, Odyssey Charter Schools was able to digitize its paper-based processes and leverage conditional logic and prefilled data to streamline registration for families, eliminate the need for physical file storage, increase staff efficiency, and improve management of student data and school equipment.


The new registration process stores student data and incorporates conditional logic so families can skip previously answered questions and only need to upload documentation for individualized education programs and pre-K accommodations once. Additionally, staff saves time on the back end with automated emails, calculations, reporting, and additional workflows.

Reducing costs and increasing efficiencies with Jotform Enterprise

We repurposed $30,000 worth of fire-proof cabinets by replacing our 60-page paper registration packet with online forms. Our staff loves how they can easily view transcripts, and instead of manually emailing requests, they can just click a button.

Melanie Dunlop

Educator and Jotform Enterprise Project Manager, Odyssey Charter Schools