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How Can I Import My Own PDF to JotForm?

How Can I Import My Own PDF to JotForm?

The PDF Editor was released in October of 2018 and like any major releases, interested users gathered in our support forum, email, and social media platforms with various requests and feature additions to improve the product. Among all the feature requests we received so far, one of them stood out - Can I import my own PDFs to JotForm? Can I use an existing PDF and convert it to a JotForm PDF form?

The wait is finally over. Now, you can import your existing PDFs to JotForm. The set up is really simple and straightforward so, here we go:

STEP 1: Go to this page


STEP 3: On the new tab that opened, click IMPORT PDF FORM.

STEP 4: Click UPLOAD FILE to upload your existing PDF.

Alternatively, you can also import straight from the PDF EDITOR page.

1. Click the ➕NEW PDF tab.

2. Select the NEW PDF FORM option.

3. On the IMPORT section of the modal popup, click the IMPORT PDF FORM button.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you are importing a fillable PDF. This feature will not accept plain PDF files or documents. It has to be a fillable PDF and needs to have fillable form fields (e.g. textboxes, textareas, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.).

If you accidentally uploaded a plain PDF file or document, you will be presented with the error message below. Just click UPLOAD FILE again to re-upload a new one.

STEP 5: Depending on the size of the PDF you uploaded, the import process may take a couple of seconds (to minutes). You will see this message while the PDF is being imported.

STEP 6: Finally, you'll be redirected to the PDF EDITOR page where you can see the imported PDF. Keep in mind that the PDF will not look exactly as it was when it was imported. Our system will try its best to fetch and clone the form fields in your existing PDF form.

From here, you're free to customize its look and feel, add/remove form fields and more. So, start exploring our PDF Editor and use it to design your brand new fillable PDF form.

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  • Skymac

    This didnt work. I uploaded a fillable pdf it still says import failed!

  • cpaucar

    Are there more details on what the file needs to be to be considered fillabled? I am trying to create it in Adobe Acrobat DC but no luck so far.....

  • jamesruder

    Doesn't work for me either.

  • mwforster

    This does not work, I have uploaded multiple editable pdf's files and keep getting an error.

  • sheikha1

    هل يدعم البرنامج الللغة العربيه ؟

  • CarrieAllen4u

    Hey! This totally doesn't work. I'd upload a screenshot to prove that this doesn't work... but no where to do that.

    So... I'm guessing, still no real way to upload a (fillable) PDF and be able to edit it?