What Are the Accessible Color Schemes and Themes

January 11, 2023

With Jotform Builder, we made it easy to create accessible forms. One of the important aspects of accessible forms is contrast and color use. Fortunately, we offer ready-to-use, accessible color schemes, and themes.

When the Form Accessibility option is enabled in your form settings, the accessible color schemes are marked with a little human body icon in the form designer, so you can easily apply them. The Form Builder has premade accessible color schemes for Classic Forms and accessible themes for Card Forms.

Classic Forms

For Classic Forms, we have the new default theme, where all color schemes are made to be accessible. Here’s an example of one of the color schemes:


Here are demo forms you can check:

For the old default theme, you can only choose from three accessible color schemes. Below is an example:


Card Forms

For Card Forms, you can only select from four accessible themes. Here’s an example:


Here is the complete list of accessible card form themes:

Please remember that you can change the colors according to your preference. However, if contrast and color use issues arise, you will see an accessibility warning in the editor.

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