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Add tags to Mailchimp via Jotform submissions

Organize your email campaigns by integrating Jotform with Mailchimp. This automation ensures that each new form submission in Jotform is tagged appropriately in Mailchimp, allowing for more targeted and personalized email marketing. Enhance your campaigns with this free integration.

Integrate with Mailchimp

Efficient audience growth with Jotform’s Mailchimp integration

Effortlessly expand your email list using Jotform’s Mailchimp integration. When a new response is submitted to a form in Jotform, this workflow automatically tags the respondent with relevant information and adds them as a subscriber in Mailchimp.

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When this happens...

New Submission

A user submits a new form response


Do this!

Add Tag to Subscriber

A tag is added to the subscriber in Mailchimp

Integrate with Mailchimp

Jotform + Mailchimp

Watch this quick tutorial video to learn how to integrate your online forms with Mailchimp.

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Learn more about Jotform + Mailchimp Integration

How to Integrate Forms With Mailchimp

Read up on our Mailchimp integration before you set it up for yourself.

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