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    Cleaning Quote Template

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    Still writing up quotes for clients on Word or paper? It’s time to make a clean break with the way you write quotations. If you manage a cleaning service business, our free Cleaning Quote PDF Template can help you speed up the process by generating quotations that won’t collect dust. When a client submits their online quotation request, this fully-customizable template will automatically calculate the costs of your services and present them as a polished PDF — easy to download, print, and email to clients automatically.

    You won’t have to get your hands dirty to customize your Cleaning Quote PDF Template. Our drag-and-drop PDF Editor is simple to use, so you can make modifications with ease. You can include more form fields, change fonts and colors, add your company logo, and sweep anything you don’t want under the carpet. Submitted quotation requests will instantly be converted into neat and tidy PDFs containing client information, their requested services, and your estimated price. With your custom Cleaning Quote Template streamlining cleaning requests, you can wash your hands of writing quotations manually and continue providing great service to your customers.


    Collect your online responses with JotForm and turn them into professional, elegant PDFs automatically.

    Cleaning Quote Template
    Company Address: 706 Primrose Lane, Tunbridge, VT, 05077
    Phone Number: 123-1234567 - Email: company@email.com
    Quote No.
    Address of the Property
    6272 Manufacturers
    Sacrament, Ca, 94257
    Client Information
    Contact Name
    Margret Attiwill
    Quote Prepared by
    Margret Attiwill
    Phone Number
    (74) 1163772
    Date Presented to the Client
    October 5, 1954
    Quote Validity Date
    October 5, 1954
    Service Package
    Chosen services ($40/hour)
    General Cleaning
    Floor Service
    Carpet Cleaning
    Window Cleaning
    Home Cleaning
    Working Hours
    1:06 PM - 4:40 PM
    Working Days
    Price ($)Hours Per WeekTotal Cost
    General Cleaning405200
    Floor Service40140
    Carpet Cleaning40280
    Window Cleaning40280
    Home Cleaning405200
    Office Cleaning0
    Total Amount ($)
    Cleaning Quote Template

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