Music Camp Registration

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    Just as music went from vinyl to streaming, registration for music programs has moved online. But the tedious process of collecting and sorting data can still feel like listening to a broken record.

    Unless you have JotForm’s Music Camp Registration PDF Template — an essential instrument for any camp coordinator providing summer programs to aspiring musicians. You can convert submitted registration forms into personalized PDFs that are easy to share with students and their guardians.

    This template provides customizable form fields for standard contact information, scholarship and payment details, and all that jazz. You can easily modify the bells and whistles by rearranging form elements, changing the headers and color scheme, and adding your camp logo. With your students’ information organized and beautifully displayed in PDFs that you can pull up any time on any device, even in the middle of practice, data management will sound more like music to your ears.


    Collect your online responses with JotForm and turn them into professional, elegant PDFs automatically.

    Music Camp Registration
    Monday, December 17, 2018
    Music Camp Registration
    Clemmy Temporal
    Cell Number
    (9) 6296922
    8 Knutson Trail
    Kansas, 67236
    Grade in Fall
    Director's Name
    Phasellus sit am
    Fusce congue, diam id o
    Parent Name
    Kania Karpets

    Identify the Camp(s) you would like to attend

    If you are recieving a local scholarship (band boosters, women's club, etc.) list it below.

    Local Scholarship Awarded by
    Nam congue,

    Payment Review

    Today's Payment Amount
    Week 1 Day Camps - June 11-15, 2018 - Steel Band
    50.00 USD
    Week 2 Camps - June 17-22, 2018 - Choir, Jazz, String, Live Streaming
    550.00 USD
    Week 3 Camps - June 24-29, 2018 - Band, Marching Leadership
    550.00 USD
    1,150.00 USD
    Music Camp Registration

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