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Football Camp Registration Template

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The goal of a football camp is to introduce, enhance, and expose the campers to the football sport. As a camp organizer, it is important for you to manage the event successfully.

This Football Camp Registration Template is an essential part of your workflow. You can use this to convert the data submitted by the campers into a professional PDF file. You can print this PDF file and give it to your campers. You can also send it to them via email.

If you want to edit or customize this PDF template, then you can use our user-friendly PDF Editor. This allows you to edit the PDF file to your preferences.
Football Camp Registration Template
December 26, 2018
Football Camp Registration

Venue: 227 Lowes Alley, Statesville, NC, 28625
Date: January 7, 2018
Time 9:00 AM

Camper Information
Jenelle Eastmead
591 Division Avenue
Richmond, Virgini, 23260
Phone Number
(39) 4052008
Date of Birth
July 17, 1958
Offensive Position
Offensive Lineman
Defensive Position
Defensive Lineman
Parent or Guardian Information
Parent or Guardian
Jenelle Eastmead
Phone Number
(81) 6759117
Medical and Insurance Information
Duis bi
Current Medications
Donec od
Previous Injuries
Health Insurance Provider
Duis bibendum, f
Health Insurance Policy Number
Emergency Information
Emergency Contact
Jenelle Eastmead
Phone Number
(81) 6759117
Duis b
Payment Information
Four Week Sessions
800.00 USD
800.00 USD
Acknowledgment, Liability Waiver & Consent

I, the undersigned parent/guardian of the above camper, do hereby grant the authority to the staff of [Organization Name] to apply judgment in regards to medical assistance in the event of an accident, injury, or illness if they are unable to contact the parent or guardian. I authorize first aid, a medical or surgical diagnosis and treatment which may deem necessary.

I, the undersigned, release [Organization Name] and any of its coaches, staff, manager, and/or any parent for any responsibility in case of accident, illness, or injury during my child’s enrollment.

Parent or Guardian Printed Name
October 17, 2001
I confirm that the information given in this form is true, complete and accurate. I have read, understand and agree to all statements on this form.
Parent or Guardian Signature
Smooth Signature

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