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Glamping Business Plan Template

Grab the attention of the investors by using this Glamping Business Plan Template. This business plan is simple yet effective because it contains all the necessary details when building a successful business.

Summer Camp Invoice Template

Summer Camp Invoice PDF Template is perfect for collecting enrollment fees for hundreds of campers. After collecting your payments online, you can automatically save all transactions as PDFs using this sample.

Summer Camp Schedule Template

Jotform’s Summer Camp Schedule PDF Template instantly converts all camper schedules into easily accessible PDFs, so you’ll never lose track of which activities each camper is participating in.

Camper Bill of Sale Template

Create a bill of sale for a camper. Converts to PDF. Easy to customize and share. Works great on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. No coding.

Summer Camp Certificate Template

Recognize the camper for participating in the summer camp activities by using this Summer Camp Certificate Template. You can easily edit and customize this template through our PDF Editor.

Camping Trip Itinerary Template

Create your Camping Itinerary straight out from Jotform with the use of this Camping Trip Itinerary Template! Stop figuring out how to start your camping itinerary document. Use this Camping Trip Itinerary PDF Template instead!

Basketball Camp Registration Template

When it comes to data collection, this Basketball Camp Registration PDF Template helps you organize incoming registrations by automatically converting all submissions into personalized PDFs.

Camper Information

Camper Information PDF Template will instantly transform camper information into secure PDFs that you and your camp staff can pull up at any time, whether during an activity or an emergency.

Sports Camp Registration

Any camp coordinator can use this Sports Camp Registration PDF Template. With Jotform, you’ll be able to convert online registration forms into PDFs that camp counselors and coaching staff can easily access and share.

Summer Camp Registration

Jotform’s Summer Camp Registration PDF Template is essential for camp coordinators looking for a better way to manage camper information. You can customize this sample to create the right enrollment form for future campers.

Camper Health History

To protect campers’ health and safety, this Camper Health History PDF Template collects information about existing medical conditions, allergies, dietary restrictions, immunizations, medication instructions, and emergency contact numbers.

Summer Camp Staff Evaluation Template

This Camp Counselor Evaluation PDF Template will convert all evaluation submissions into PDFs you can easily download, print, and share with the counselor being evaluated.

Summer Camp Letter to Parents Template

Create a summer camp letter to parents in seconds. Works great on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. E-sign in seconds. Converts to a PDF document.

Campground Reservation Record Template

Campground Reservation Record Template

Football Camp Contract Template

Make football camp registrations easy. Drag and drop to customize. Works on any device — desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly. Converts easily to PDF. No coding.

Soccer Camp Registration

Jotform's Soccer Camp Registration PDF Template is specifically designed for soccer camp coordinators, this customizable template converts submitted registration forms into secure PDFs.

Summer Camp Emergency Contact

No matter how prepared your camp staff is, there may be an accident that requires you to call a camper’s emergency contacts. You can use this professionally designed Emergency Contact PDF Template to collect the necessary information.

Summer Camp Physical Form

Protect the campers by identifying their current health condition and medical needs by using this Summer Camp Physical Form. This PDF template is simple, easy to use and accessible to everyone.

General Summer Camp Packing List Template

Use our General Packing List Template for Campers to download or print PDF packing lists. Easily monitor the summer camp supplies that your campers are bringing.

Music Camp Registration

Jotform’s Music Camp Registration PDF Template is an essential instrument for any camp coordinator providing summer programs to aspiring musicians. You can easily modify the sample by rearranging form elements.

Christian Camp Registration

Intended for camp coordinators with the mission of bringing youth closer to their church, this Christian Camp Registration PDF Template is the perfect tool for managing data. With registration data automatically converted into PDFs camp counselors can easily access, you’ll be able to devote more time to scheduling team-building and worship activities. This customizable template includes form fields for campers to provide personal and guardian information, church affiliation, medical history, payment details, and authorized release. Jotform’s PDF Editor gives you the option to rearrange the template layout and attach your camp’s logo with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Once finalized, your personalized template will save campers’ registration forms as protected PDFs you can actually have faith in.

Summer Camp Teen Volunteer Application Template

Volunteering in a summer camp is very rewarding because you can help students in enhancing their talents or teaching new skills. In addition to that, you'll get real-life work experience that you can add to your resume. As a camp organizer, you can recruit volunteers efficiently by using this amazing Summer Camp Teen Volunteer Application PDF Template.This brilliant Summer Camp Teen Volunteer Application Template contains personal information of the applicant. It also shows the training experience, certifications, volunteer experience, educational attainment, skills, self-evaluation, health status, medical conditions, references, and acknowledgment. This template uses the Input Table and Configurable List widget in order to present the data in table format.

Horse Camp Registration Template

Horse Camp Registration Sample contains appropriate fields to gather camper information, including health record and emergency contact info if needed.

Camper Confidential Information Template

It's really hard and tiresome work to do provide on camping organization and handle and track the paperwork at the same time. With Camper Confidential Information Template, all the information would be gathered at the same platform such as personal information, parental information for emergency contact and food allergies or dietary restrictions information. Besides, you'd have information about what campers would like to do, their hobbies, etc. Thus, you can analyze your campers needs more easily. Jotform is providing Camper Confidential Information Template, free of charge. The template can be printed or downloaded to the computer. The template can also be customized for suitable needs. It can be extended with extra functionalities or reduced for reporting.

Summer Camp Parental Consent

Create a summer camp consent form for parents of your campers. Intuitive form building. No coding required. Drag and drop to design. iOS and Android compatible.

Summer Camp Permission Slip

Create summer camp permission slips for parents of your campers. Intuitive form building. Drag and drop to design. Works on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Summer Camp Activity Waiver Template

Create a summer camp activity waiver for parents of your campers. Intuitive form building. No coding required. Drag and drop to design. iOS and Android compatible.

Summer Camp Fee Waiver Template

Collect summer camp fee waivers with ease. Gather signatures and camper details. Customize in seconds. Share via email. Fill out seamlessly on any device.

About Summer Camps

Instead of sorting hundreds of enrollment forms and permission slips by hand, save your collected form data as PDFs that are accessible on any device at any time, whether it’s during a medical emergency or Capture the Flag. Simply choose a PDF template that matches your preexisting online form or customize one with Jotform’s PDF Editor. Your unique template will instantly transform important camper information into secure PDFs you can easily download, print, or share with parents and staff. When you’re using Jotform, everyone’s a happy camper.

These templates are suggested forms only. If you're using a form as a contract, or to gather personal (or personal health) info, or for some other purpose with legal implications, we recommend that you do your homework to ensure you are complying with applicable laws and that you consult an attorney before relying on any particular form.