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Sports PDF Templates

Truth be told, sports is like a genre of its own, like heavy metal in music. It’s not something everyone enjoys but those who do, truly loves it. While others focus on entrepreneurship and busy figuring out the next big hit in the Silicon Valley, there’s this one industry that’s mostly secluded from the rest due its nicheness – The Sports Industry.

A famous NBA hall of famer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, once said “You can't win unless you learn how to lose”. We can say the same applies to the Sports Industry as a whole. Although the target audience of this industry is considerably low compared with others, sports enthusiasts are trying their best to compete with the bigger industries. Coaches and players are finding ways to share their knowledge of the sports they love, whether through ad campaigns, social media or manually handing out flyers. They will exhaust all possible ways to get the word out. Still, the internet is the best medium to spread the awareness.

If you’re a coach and wanted to build a team for that championship, what better way to scout than by using an anonymous survey form? Or, maybe you’re prepping a training camp. A surefire way to jumpstart this event is by using an online registration form. Once they’re done answering your surveys, you can generate a PDF document showing them their potentials and provide a detailed breakdown of which sports activities align with their interests. And for those who registered, you can distribute an invite in PDF format that they can print and bring along once the event starts. These are specific use case scenarios but we have plenty more. So, have a look at all the PDF templates we offer and start thinking like a winner.

Powerlifting Event


If you are planning to organize a powerlifting event, you need to gather some information from your event's possible attendees first. This powerlifting event form template will highly ease the process of organizing and preparing a powerlifting event. Organizing these kinds of events on your local GYMs will be a nice way for people to improve themselves and also it will give them a chance to meet new people. With this Powerlifting Event Form, you will gather information like the contact information and names of the attendees, also you will collect their gender, weight classes, lifting categories and t-shirt sizes. After collecting the necessary information, you can review and organize the attendees' information in a PDF document which is created by the JotForm's new PDF Editor. It will allow you to see information came from the attendee in a nicely designed way.

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Basketball League Registration Event


We all know that teens nowadays are into gadgets and the internet. Most of them do not even go out which is really bad for their health. Exposing teens to sports is a great way to divert their attention. It is advisable to every parents to enroll their children to any healthy activity like basketball as part of their routine for a healthy life. Organizing a basketball league is a tough but rewarding job. Let us help you by using this registration form template to collect applications. This basketball registration form template collects the athlete's personal information, emergency contact and health insurance information with parental permission for emergency treatment and has terms and signature sections that can serve as a contract. Once the applicants submit their information with the help of this form, you can transfer these data to JotForm's PDF Editor. We have designed a PDF template with this form. You can add your logo and customize it to your needs. It is also printable and downloadable!

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Family Tennis Invitation


If you are organizing a family tennis night, which has a lot of guests, that needs a strong plan of an action in order to have a seamless night. An Event PDF template gives you a series of directions what need you to do. With this Event PDF Template, you can create a visual presentation of your plan. This the Event PDF template will request from participants to provide their personal information, which is required for the family tennis night organization. Also, this Event PDF template has questions about the number of attendees, family experience with tennis, tennis programs. In addition, you can provide to them with the date and time of the organization and location details.

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