How to stop receiving submissions?

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    Asked on August 06, 2018 at 12:48 PM

    Hi, I was wondering how I can make it so that people who complete the form can have a copy of their submission?  I don't actually want the submission, I created the form so that people could share their information with others (not me).  Is there a way to do this?  


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    Answered on August 06, 2018 at 01:19 PM

    I am not sure if I understand your question correctly.

    If you want to stop receiving email notifications when a submission is made to your form you can do that by deleting the Notification Email.


    You can also just change the email address that will receive the email notifications when a new submission is made by changing the Recipient Email in the settings of the Notification Email.

    Complete Guide: How-to-Change-the-Email-Address-Used-for-Notification-Email

    If you want the users to receive an email with a copy of their submission data, you can do that by adding an Autoresponder Email to your form. Note: You need to add an email field to your form first where the users would type their email.

    Complete Guide: Setting-up-an-Autoresponder-Email

    Let us know if you need further assistance.