Pipedrive Integration: Not showing

  • FriendsMarketing
    Answered on October 07, 2019 03:22 PM

    I'm seeing on your site you have a Pipedrive integration instruction page (https://www.jotform.com/help/580-How-to-integrate-JotForm-with-Pipedrive?if_id=580) with screenshots that shows how to set it up, but when I search for "Pipedrive" in the Integration section of settings, it does not come up.

    When will this be available? - I don't want to use Zapier as a pass through and would rather just wait until this is turned on.

  • zuritapia
    Answered on October 07, 2019 04:35 PM

    Hi @FriendsMarketing!

    Currently, there is no ETA as to when this integration will be available however I have raised this matter to our developers to further look into when this feature will available to users. 

    You will be updated via this thread! Thank you for your patience.

  • FriendsMarketing
    Answered on October 07, 2019 04:43 PM

    But you guys have a tutorial on setting it up, and there is a thread that says it's already available. It's just missing in the integration section in Settings. 

    Can you provide a better ETA? Days, weeks, months? I was told it was available and now you're saying you have no idea.  I need more specifics if I'm to continue using your product. Otherwise, I will have to use different form software.


  • zuritapia
    Answered on October 07, 2019 05:30 PM

    My apologies! The integration is to be available already however there seems to be a bug that is causing the integration not to appear.

    Unfortunately, at the moment there is no estimate on an ETA however, this is currently being looked at by our developers. You and another user reported this and it has been set to be a priority. 

    Again you will be updated via this thread.

  • dilmin
    Answered on October 08, 2019 03:41 AM

    We apologize for the confusion. We are currently working on Pipedrive integration, which is not completed yet.

    We will release this integration soon. In the meantime, you can use Zapier integration. Please check this link, to learn how to connect JotForm and Pipedrive via Zapier.


    You will be updated when the direct Pipedrive integration will be released.


  • Mert Ceylan JotForm Developer
    Answered on October 22, 2019 10:37 AM
    We're happy to let you know that you can now directly integrate JotForm with Pipedrive!
    Here's how it works:
    1. Go to settings and then select Integrations on the left side, then search Pipedrive in the search bar.
    1571756780Screen Shot 2019 10 22 at 15 Screenshot 0
    2. Click Authenticate, and enter the credentials on the popup window.
    3. Once the authentication process is complete, you can use the dropdown menu to select an action.
    157175679593408 Screen Shot 2019 09 25 a Screenshot 1
    4. Depending on the action you choose, you should fill in the other details for your selection and map the fields on your Pipedrive Workspace to the fields.
    To add a person, you should select an owner and set up the person's visibility.
    1571756809pipedrive3 Screenshot 2
    To add a deal, you should select a pipeline, a stage, a status, owner for the deal and the deal's visibility.
    1571756823pipedrive2 Screenshot 3
    To add an activity, just select the activity type.
    1571756837pipedrive4 Screenshot 4
    You can also add multiple actions for various Pipedrive stages and deals using the same integration using the add new button, which will appear after you have successfully created your first action:
    1571756855Screen Shot 2019 10 22 at 15 Screenshot 5
    You can check out this guide for more details.
    I hope this helps and if you require any further assistance feel free to let us know!
  • dimidesignfirst
    Answered on November 04, 2019 05:09 PM

    I just followed these steps and no data enters pipedrive. After a customer visits Jotform and submits the form nothing happens in pipedrive.

    The rule in Jotform is to create a new deal upon form submission, but no deals are created in pipedrive. Your screenshot is literally how I have it setup'd.

    I even went to pipedrive settings to check integration and Jotform is installed with all permissions granted. Ideas?

  • zuritapia
    Answered on November 04, 2019 05:20 PM

    Hi @dimidesignfirst!

    Are you using the Pipedrive Integration on this form https://www.jotform.com/92384445068161? Please let us know in order for us to make test submissions and clone the form on our end.

  • dimidesignfirst
    Answered on November 04, 2019 05:31 PM

    Hi @zuritapia,

    This is the form - {link removed}


  • zuritapia
    Answered on November 04, 2019 05:37 PM


  • zuritapia
    Answered on November 04, 2019 05:37 PM


  • zuritapia
    Answered on November 04, 2019 05:41 PM

    My apologies, I am not sure as to why the "W"s were sent. 

    When you test your integration does it give you an error and you never receive the test via pipedrive? Can you kindly test the integration on your end and check for an error message, please.

  • dimidesignfirst
    Answered on November 04, 2019 06:18 PM

    Test integration gives a strange(illogical) error 


    1572909469jotform pipedrive error Screenshot 0

    Deal title is obviously selected and correct. However, test integration gives an error about the deal title. This "NULL" makes me think there is a programming problem in the integration :)

  • Richie JotForm Support
    Answered on November 04, 2019 09:18 PM

    I have checked your form and can you try mapping a field that is not hidden in your Deal title?

    It seems the IoT security field is hidden and may have caused the error in the integration.

    Pipedrive Integration: Not showing Image 1 Screenshot 0

    Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.

  • dimidesignfirst
    Answered on November 04, 2019 09:50 PM

    Hi @Richie_P ,

    This seems to have fixed the integration problem

    , but now it creates a new issue with the actual data being send.

    The form has only yes/no question and the outcome in pipedrive for deal/activity is a simple "yes", not informative at all.

    What options are there to workaround this? 

    I thought hidden field is one way. I tried even adding pre-set value, but integration breaks again. The form has only yes/no questions.

  • dimidesignfirst
    Answered on November 04, 2019 10:00 PM

    Quick update

    > Default value for hidden field suddenly started working with pipedrive integration

    > Email field is not being transferred to email in pipedrive

    > Notes work and are the only way I can pass the valuable information from the form(fields) to pipedrive. Problem is this way I lose the advantages of pipedrive, such as classification and automation. 

    I am open to ideas. 

    Thanks for the assistance.

  • Richie JotForm Support
    Answered on November 04, 2019 10:17 PM

    I have moved your new question to a new thread to assists you better.

    Kindly follow this link:https://www.jotform.com/answers/2027487

  • dimidesignfirst
    Answered on November 06, 2019 05:41 PM

    To update the topic, the integration with pipedrive now works.

    - hidden fields with default value did not work at first, not sure what fixed the problem, but having from without hidden field with working integration and *then* adding hidden field works

    - Person email is not populated in pipedrive, but this will be hopefully sovled in the new forum thread Richie_P created.

    Thanks for the support :)